On The Rampage, Scandoval trades down, Thinking in My Head, Maryland vs WV, Conservatives Concerned About Death Penalty, Special Olympics


On The Rampage, Adverbs, Harvard Monkey Horror Story, Being Beautiful, World Baseball, Ron DeSantis, NCAA, Jesus Today, Rams, Middle East!


On The Rampage, Don Lichterman, Fire Fly Brain Map Like Human Brain, Greensky Bluegrass, Tom S(c)andoval, Other LaLa, Death Penalty Cases in Private Prisons!


On The Rampage, Cotton Pickin, Parchman Farm, Parchman Prison, Woman’s Week, 9/11, Looking Old, Crack Cocaine, Opioids, Tucker Carlson & God


On The Rampage, Narcissistic, Kerry Lake, Abu Dabi, New Weathergirl, Summer House, Bobby Lowe & Bob Downey Jr & my Choice Infrastructure Plan!


On The Rampage, He’s So Gay, Don’t Say Gay, Jurors, Infrastructure, Technology, Planes, Trains, Automobiles & the Dolphin Hunting Season!


On The Rampage, Justice for All by Donald J Trump & J6 Prison Choir, George Bush’s White Lines, CPAC, Alabama Getaway, Sunday Bloody Sunday! Also the Slavery Program in Parchman Mississippi, Criminal Justice work, Innocent Project, Maryland loses in last second and more….


On The Rampage, Wife Deaths & Killings, The Staircase, John Gresham, Alex Murdaugh Trial Ends, Central Park 5, Criminal Justice & Corruption


On The Rampage, East Palestine Train Derailment, Meds, Fletch Names, Entertainment Gossip, Slavery, AI, Cupcake Cookie Jar & Murdaugh Family

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On The Rampage, Colored Spade, Black Boys/White Boys, Jews In Space, Law Suits instead of Reparation’s, Plant Based Food and Eating Cows