The Best View In New Jersey is One of Best in America

Looking for a fantastic view that is considered one of the most breathtaking views in America, then look no further than Hoboken, New Jersey. That’s right Hoboken is home to one of the best views in America.



According to an article by Cheapism, Castle Point in Hoboken “located just across the river from New York City, this is one of the best places to see Manhattan from a distance. It is actually the highest point in Hoboken, and part of the Stevens Institute of Technology campus, which is free to enter.”





Castle Point Lookout is well known and has a lot of history too. According to Visit Hudson,” Reaching an elevation of 100 feet and residing on the Steven’s Institute of Technology campus, Castle Point Lookout provides breathtaking views of both New York City and the Hoboken waterfront! This historical site’s trademark is the Steven’s cannon. The cannon was said to have been brought over from France during the American Revolution and acts as a symbol of protection.”

I have never been to this location, but now I am intrigued and I want to take my camera up to Castle Point Lookout and capture some views of the Hudson River, Hoboken, and New York City. Sounds like a great day trip on a sunny weekend this fall.

If you have been up to Castle Point Lookout, let us know what you thought. Is it the best “view” in New Jersey? Do you agree with this article or do you think you have a better view of Jersey? Let us know and share with our listeners.


See the Must-Drive Roads in Every State


LOOK: Route 66’s quirkiest and most wonderful attractions state by state

Stacker compiled a list of 50 attractions–state by state–to see along the drive, drawing on information from historic sites, news stories, Roadside America, and the National Park Service. Keep reading to discover where travelers can get their kicks on Route 66.


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CPWD invites pre-qualification bids for Prime Minister’s new residential complex | Latest News India

The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) has invited pre-qualification bids for the 360 crore Prime Minister’s residential complex to be completed within 21 months from the date of award of the tender. The complex is being constructed as part of the Central Vista redevelopment project next to the Rashtrapati Bhawan and South Block.

The work for the Executive Enclave, which will house the Prime Minister’s Office, is yet to be awarded.

The residential complex will be ground plus one storey and also include a guest house, Special Protection Group office, support staff quarters, CPWD office, a basement parking lot, etc. The complex will have four entry, and exit gates, as well as 25 watch towers.

The Prime Minister’s new residence will have two blocks located on Dara Shikoh Road. “The site is in [a] highly secured zone. The proposed buildings shall be of reinforced cement concrete framed structure building,” said the tender document.

Construction companies, which will be finalised in the pre-qualification process, will participate in the financial bids. The pre-qualification bids will be opened on October 14.

The company, which will be awarded the work, will have to plan for tree transplantation and shifting of utilities. “Tree transplantation as per the requirement to be done and the existing services, if any, to be diverted. After construction, operation & maintenance of all civil & electrical services and housing keeping for 5 years,” the tender document said.

This is the sixth project to be tendered as part of the Central Vista redevelopment project. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated revamped Central Vista Avenue last month. The work on the Parliament building is likely to be completed by November. The construction of three common central secretariat buildings is going on.

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Sona Mohapatra describes Bigg Boss as depraved and sad as Sajid Khan enters

Filmmaker Sajid Khan’s participation in Bigg Boss 16 as a contestant has drawn criticism from a sizable audience, which now includes singer Sona Mohapatra. The “depraved and sad lot” of Indian TV channels, she claimed, are. In the course of Saturday’s premiere, Sajid entered the home. Following, many criticized the channel and the show for giving him the opportunity despite the numerous sexual assault claims made against him by numerous businesswomen during the MeToo movement.

Late on Sunday night, Sona responded on Twitter to a news anchor’s post regarding the various sexual assault claims made against Sajid Khan over the past few years. Sona reported, “On a reality TV show right now, this is #SajidKhan. And then there’s #AnuMalik, who is a judge on a kid-friendly music reality TV series. #KailashKher? TV Judge with Celebrity. A LARGE NUMBER OF WOMEN IN @IndiaMeToo HAVE CALLOUTED EVERYONE. The executives of Indian TV channels are an evil and pitiful bunch.”

In a subsequent tweet, she continued, “& of course the series sleaze #VikasBehl & master of disgusting #SuhelSeth, all back on Indian TV… This thought, “It’s a dying medium, and some dying will thrash around doing the worst to save themselves, even if it means dragging other humans under; women. @IndiaMeToo,” comforts me (?).

In relation to the allegations of sexual assault made against Sajid, he is accused of watching porn in front of women, flashing his privates at parties, requesting nude photos from female actors during the casting process, and more.

Sajid discussed how his work suffered as a result of the allegations during the Bigg Boss 16 debut on Saturday. He admitted to the host Salman Khan, “I didn’t have much work, and I’ve been at home for the past four years. As a result, I decided that I should come here and perhaps discover something about myself when the Colors team called me. I have experienced many ups and downs in my life, and I have been at my lowest point in the last four years, he continued.

When Shehnaaz Gill shared a message for Sajid as he entered the house, she received criticism. Kashmera Shah received abuse for supporting Sajid Khan on Sunday. In a tweet, she had written, “Just saw #BiggBoss on @justvoot and must say I loved the lineup. There are a few early favorites, but I must admit that #SajidKhan’s brutal honesty touched my heart. I look forward to seeing him receive more wise counsel from his sister #farahkhan @ColorsTV ##BB16.”

A Businessman facing bankruptcy kidnaps youth, kills him later

Sterlite Tech unveils optical solution for 5G rollout

Provisional answer key released for the 67th prelims exam of the BPSC

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Some Donald Trump White House Documents Still Missing, National Archives Tells Congress | Latin Post

By Mary Webber

Some of the White House documents from former U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration are still missing, according to the National Archives.

Acting Archivist of the United States, Debra Steidel Wall, penned a letter addressed to House Oversight Committee chair Carolyn Maloney. She claimed that White House staff had used “non-official electronic messaging accounts” for official business and were not copied or forwarded into their official accounts.

Wall told Congress that they know they “do not have custody of everything” that they should, according to a CBS News report.

Wall continued to say in her letter that the Archives will continue to pursue the return of the presidential records from former officials.

The acting archivist noted that the National Archives would consult the Justice Department on whether to act for the “recovery of records unlawfully removed,” as stated under the Federal Records Act.

Wall also cited the Justice Department lawsuit against a top trade Trump adviser, Peter Navarro, in August. The lawsuit was about the retrieval of official email records sent from his personal email account.

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Donald Trump Officials and Missing White House Documents

Maloney said in a statement that Trump and his senior staff have “shown an utter disregard for the rule of law,” including national security, with their failure to return presidential records.

The chairwoman added that she would do anything in her power to return the record and prevent such action from happening again, according to a Reuters report.

A congressional panel on September 13 requested a National Archives review after agency staff members noted that they were unaware that all presidential records from the Trump White House had been returned.

Meanwhile, representatives of the former president have yet to comment on the matter.

Maloney said that it is “outrageous” how some records from Trump’s administration had been “unaccounted for 20 months,” as reported by NBC News.

The chairwoman also requested a written certification from Trump to confirm that he had not made any copies or transferred presidential records to anyone besides the National Archives or the Department of Justice.

Donald Trump Mar-a-Lago Documents

Trump is facing a criminal investigation brought by the Justice Department for keeping government records, some of which were marked as “top secret,” at his Mar-a-Lago, Florida residence.

The FBI seized more than 11,000 records, including about 100 documents marked as classified in a court-approved search on August 8.

Trump has been arguing for an executive privilege over the Mar-a-Lago documents.

However, U.S. President Joe Biden is not supporting the former president’s attempt to use that claim.

Aside from the Mar-a-Lago documents, Trump has also been claiming executive privilege over January 6 communications.

A former counsel with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Michael Stern, said that Trump’s team had laid out a broad argument on executive privilege, according to a New York Times report.

Stern said that it remains to be seen how exactly they are going to make their case issues move up to appellate courts.

READ MORE: Donald Trump Admits He Didn’t Win Presidential Election 2020 During Interview With Presidential Historians

This article is owned by Latin Post.

Written by: Mary Webber

WATCH: What We Know So Far About The National Archives’ Effort To Retrieve Files From Trump – from MSNBC

© 2022 Latin Post. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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A Highly Talented Music Video Producer Stray Tablet’s Recent Release Another Tide Scores Big While Winning At Ten International Film Festivals – Music Industry Today

A Highly Talented Music Video Producer Stray Tablet’s Recent Release Another Tide Scores Big While Winning At Ten International Film Festivals – Music Industry Today – EIN Presswire

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Ian Remnants Cause Flooding Across Parts of New Jersey

Heavy rain caused by the remnants of storm Ian brought flooding to parts of New Jersey, on October 2. This footage, filmed by Zeke Orzech, shows a residential area in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, inundated by floodwaters. The National Weather Service warned of significant coastal flooding on Sunday, with rain likely continuing across the area into Tuesday. Credit: Zeke Orzech via Storyful

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President Jair Bolsonaro, Lula headed to runoff after tight Brazil election | World News

Rio de Janeiro: Brazil’s top two presidential candidates will face each other in a runoff vote after neither got enough support to win outright Sunday in an election to decide if the country returns a leftist to the helm of the world’s fourth-largest democracy or keeps the far-right incumbent in office. With 99.6% of the votes tallied, former President Luiz Lula da Silva had 48.3% support and President Jair Bolsonaro had 43.3%. Nine other candidates were also competing, but their support pales to that for Bolsonaro and da Silva, who is commonly known as Lula.

The tightness of the result came as a surprise, since pre-election polls had given da Silva a commanding lead. The last Datafolha survey published Saturday had found a 50% to 36% advantage for da Silva. It interviewed 12,800 people, with a margin of error of 2 percentage points.

Speaking at a post-vote press conference, da Silva referred to the scheduled Oct. 30 runoff vote against Bolsonaro as “extra time” in a soccer game.

“I want to win every election in the first round. But it isn’t always possible,” he said.

Bolsonaro outperformed expectations in Brazil’s southeast region, which includes populous Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais states, according to Rafael Cortez, who oversees political risk at consultancy Tendencias Consultoria.

“The polls didn’t capture that growth,” Cortez said.

Bolsonaro’s administration has been marked by incendiary speech, his testing of democratic institutions, his widely criticised handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and the worst deforestation in the Amazon rainforest in 15 years. But he has built a devoted base by defending conservative values, rebuffing political correctness and presenting himself as protecting the nation from leftist policies that he says infringe on personal liberties and produce economic turmoil.

A slow economic recovery has yet to reach the poor, with 33 million Brazilians going hungry despite higher welfare payments. Like several of its Latin American neighbors coping with high inflation and a vast number of people excluded from formal employment, Brazil is considering a shift to the political left.

Bolsonaro has repeatedly questioned the reliability not just of opinion polls, but also of Brazil’s electronic voting machines. Analysts fear he has laid the groundwork to reject results.

At one point, Bolsonaro claimed to possess evidence of fraud, but never presented any, even after the electoral authority set a deadline to do so. He said as recently as Sept. 18 that if he doesn’t win in the first round, something must be “abnormal”.

Da Silva, 76, was once a metalworker who rose from poverty to the presidency and is credited with building an extensive social welfare program during his 2003-2010 tenure that helped lift tens of millions into the middle class. But he is also remembered for his administration’s involvement in vast corruption scandals that entangled politicians and business executives.

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US Congress backs more Ukraine aid

by Marc Selinger

The US Capitol building in Washington, DC. (Janes/Marc Selinger)

The US Congress has passed a bill that will provide more than USD12.3 billion in additional Ukraine-related military and economic assistance to continue countering Russia’s more-than-seven-month-old invasion.

The package, which President Joe Biden signed into law on 30 September following congressional approval, includes USD3 billion for weapons, training, and other support for Ukrainian forces; USD1.5 billion to replenish Pentagon stocks of equipment sent to Ukraine; USD540 million to increase production of munitions shipped to Ukraine or countries helping Ukraine; USD2.8 billion for US military operations in the region; and USD4.5 billion to help Ukraine’s government continue operating. It also contains USD2 million for the US Department of Defense (DoD) inspector general to monitor Ukraine funding to ensure it is spent as intended.

The House of Representatives passed the bill on 30 September, a day after the Senate took the same step. The Biden administration requested the aid in early September, saying the USD40 billion package that Congress approved for Ukraine in May was running out.

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