Gov’t urged to step up alliance, empower communities vs global warming – Manila Bulletin

The national government should strengthen its partnership with as many sectors of the society in adopting a risk-management approach dealing with disasters and in incorporating sustainability measures in corporations’ business models, environment and sustainability experts said.

In a conference organized by The Stratbase ADR Institute, the experts who attended all agreed that all sectors of the society should do their own share in the crafting and in the implementation of measures to protect the environment.

“The risks we face are complex, dynamic, and systemic. These compound and cascade across sectors and skills. For the welfare of our people, it is incumbent upon us to prevent and mitigate factors that contribute to the people’s vulnerability to the impact of climate change,” said Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Ma. Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga in her keynote address during the conference.

So far, efforts to reduce global warming was slow and in oftentimes the target goals are off the mark, including the target of reducing warming of the globe by 1.5 degrees Celsius.

But Yulo said every effort would still count as moving forward, including the lessons learned from disasters related to global warming: “Lessons from past disasters need to be made part of our survival DNA.”

Yulo has been advocating an integrated risk governance approach, which emphasizes evidence-informed prevention and disaster risk recovery planning over emergency response, not just by the whole of government but by the whole of society.

What other experts say

Stratbase ADR Institute President Prof. Victor Andres “Dindo” Manhit emphasized on the close relationship between governance and economic development, national security, and the demands of addressing the climate crisis that seeps into every sphere and facet of our nation’s life, and the ultimate goal of ending intergenerational inequality through inclusive and sustained growth.

For his part, Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation President Rene “Butch” Meily recounted his organization’s efforts in disaster recovery and said that while their members, mostly large companies, compete with each other commercially, they work together in times of disaster.

“The one thing we learned is that we are all connected. So, the only way we are going to beat these different issues is if we work together – government, civil society, the private sector, and the public at large,” said Meily.

On the other hand, Chamber of Mines of the Philippines Vice-Chairman Gerard Brimo said that Philippine laws and regulations on the environment are complete and provide the basic framework, but they do not tell companies how to take care of the community and the environment.

“This is where sustainable mining comes in. It is what we call going beyond compliance,” said Brimo.

Clean energy

Meanwhile, Meralco’s Chief Sustainability Officer Raymond Ravelo talked about his company’s Powering the Good Life campaign which reflects their sustainability agenda and allows it to engage its employees more broadly.

“Our focus continues to be on the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7, or the drive to deliver affordable and clean energy,” he said.

In the ensuing discussion, Meily and Ravelo pointed out the need for more fiscal incentives to companies undertaking environmental projects.

Brimo said there was a need to see stability in policies to attract large, responsible mining firms.

Not too late

“All these validate the findings of a Stratbase-commissioned Pulse Asia survey last September that 19% of Filipinos believe that private investors can help the government manage natural resources and take care of the environment,” said Manhit.

The chairperson of Livable Cities Philippines, Mr. Guillermo “Bill” Luz, said that building competitiveness starts in cities – not just big ones like Manila, Cebu, or Davao – because local government units are the building blocks for national resilience and development.

To do this, one has to cast the net wider and further to secondary and tertiary cities through diversification of investment and job opportunities, Luz said.

“The key is preparedness, prevention, mitigation,” he said. “The storm or earthquake could be very strong, but you could survive easily. Or it could be very weak and you could be in a complete disaster if you are not prepared.”


Dr. Carlos Primo David, convenor of Philippine Business for Environmental Stewardship (PBEST) differentiated companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts from corporate social responsibility (CSR) which is characterized by volunteerism and charity, even as both result in the common good. “ESG on the other hand directly or indirectly relates to the financial viability of the company itself,” he said.

He said that the government can learn a few things from the private sector in allocating resources for ESG – efficiency, scale, and leverage.





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Will it be Biden vs Trump once again?

Is a Joe Biden versus Donald Trump presidential race on the cards in 2024? The two have thrown their hats into the ring two years ahead of the poll. Polls show that though Biden remains unpopular, he still enjoys more support than Trump. According to a recent Emerson College survey, the Democrats hold an edge of four percentage points. However, there are no cheers from the voters for a re-run of the Biden versus Trump match.

According to recent polls, nearly 60 per cent of Americans do not want Trump back in the White House. A Biden-Trump contest would also mean the chances of a woman president fading away. Trump announced his candidature on November 15 in Florida. Facing several court cases and investigations, the former President is keen to take up the White House challenge to protect himself from legal challenges. He showed his intention of a re-run right from when Biden defeated him in 2020.

“To make America great and glorious again, I am announcing tonight my candidacy for president of the United States,” Trump said at his Florida headquarters.

While Trump, with his sustained support base, is confident of an easy path to the White House, his announcement has dashed the hopes of GOP leaders trying to find a fresh face.

The latest opinion polls indicate Trump remains the front-runner for the GOP nomination and other aspirants — including former Vice President Mike Pence — are in the single digits. The survey also showed that Trump received 55 per cent of Republican registered voters’ support. In contrast, Ron DeSantis, his potential rival from his party, received just 25 per cent. With a solid political base and war chest behind him, DeSantis won a second four-year term as governor this month.

President Biden celebrated his 80th birthday quietly and is buoyant after the unexpected midterm poll results from this month, where Democrats held on to the Senate. Not deterred by his age, Biden said, “I have not made that formal decision, but it’s my intention – my intention to run again. And we have time to make that decision,” Biden told an MSNBC interviewer recently.

There are other hopefuls. The hopes of Vice President Kamala Harris, aspiring to succeed Biden, would be dashed if Biden contests. Biden might repeat his running mate, but Kamala has not revealed her plans. Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, is yet another probable. He has overseen the passage of significant infrastructure investments. He would be the first openly gay President if elected.

California Governor Gavin Newsom – has a massive campaign war chest and the backing of major Democratic donors. The governor entered a second term after he won reelection earlier this month. He has a wealth of experience in his home state. After emerging second to Hillary Clinton in 2016 Democratic primary and second again to Joe Biden in 2020, Bernie Sanders would fade away. But Sanders hasn’t ruled out running again in 2024 if the field opens up.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has become a leading political voice on economic and human rights issues. She did well in her 2020 presidential campaign. Some speculate that if Biden were to withdraw from the race, she might reconsider Trump’s Vice president, Mike Pence, is one of the aspirants. He is seen as a potential challenger to his one-time boss. He changed his loyalty after the 6 January 2021 Capitol riots.

Trump has clarified that his former deputy will not join him on the ticket again. The other probable face is Nikky Haley, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under President Trump. Though she called Trump her friend, following the Capitol riots, she delivered mixed messages on her support for Trump. She is likely to reveal her intentions in early 2023.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, 64, who won a third term, is another aspirant. He has pursued increasingly conservative policies, opposing Covid-19 vaccine and mask mandates during his second term.

Representing Wyoming in the House of Representatives since 2017, former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter, Liz Cheney is also an aspirant. Though it is customary in America that a presidential race begins two years in advance, the final picture emerges only after the primaries and the party conventions. Those aspiring candidates will have to sustain until then.

With election expenses increasing, candidates must also build a massive war chest. Biden can set the agenda on the significant issues dividing the country, like gun control, the economy, abortion, immigration, and climate change, if he wins. A Trump win would mean going back to Trumpism. If neither contests, the White House will see a fresh face. Come 2023, more aspirants might emerge, some might withdraw, and the competition will be tough. 

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PM Modi says export of musical instruments increased 3.5 times in 8 years

Nov 27, 2022 13:39 IST

New Delhi [India], November 27 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the export of musical instruments from India has increased three and a half times in the past eight years, and further pointed out that this news which came out a few weeks ago is going to fill us with pride.
“This shows that the craze for Indian culture and music is increasing all over the world. The biggest buyers of Indian musical Instruments are developed countries like USA, Germany, France, Japan and UK,” said the Prime Minister, in the 95th episode of his monthly radio programme — Mann Ki Baat.
He further added that “It was a matter of fortune for all of us that our country had such a rich heritage of music, dance and art.”
On October 26, Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted that India’s exports of musical instruments rose to more than 3.5 times in April-September 2022, as compared to the same period in 2013.

Following this the Prime Minister had tweeted, “With Indian music gaining popularity worldwide, there is a great opportunity to further grow in this sector.” On the jump in exports, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the growth is encouraging.
India’s musical instrument exports rose to Rs 172 crore during April-September this fiscal year against Rs 49 crore in 2013-14, according to the ministry of commerce.
The Prime Minister said, “Our forms of music have not only enriched our culture but have also left an indelible mark on the music of the world. The fame of Indian music has spread to every corner of the world. Let me play to you one more audio clip.”
Prime Minister Modi said, “Today, every countryman is trying to do something different for the country in one field or the other, at every level. In today’s discussion itself, we saw that in an international event like G-20, one of our weaver companions understood his responsibility and came forward to fulfil it.”
“Similarly, some are making efforts for the environment, others are working for water; many people are doing extraordinary work… from education, medicine and science technology to culture-traditions,” he said, adding that, “This is because today every citizen of ours realises one’s duties. When such a sense of duty rises within the citizens of a nation, its golden future is automatically ensured, and, in the golden future of the country itself, also lies for all of us, a golden future.” (ANI)

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Daniel Andrews promises to worth with Anthony Albanese after Labor victory

He said Victoria was “out in front leading our nation” on mental health, domestic violence, early childhood education and on renewable energy and climate change action.

“To think now, that my good friend, my very, very, good friend Albo is a partner to do that work … we look forward to doing lots of big and important reform with a federal Labor government, ’cause that’s how you get things done,” Mr Andrews said on Sunday.

‘Convincingly endorsed’

Labor will win more than 52 seats and secured a clear majority above the 45 seats required, and not far off the 55 it held before the election.

“Congratulations Daniel Andrews, what a great win,” Mr Albanese tweeted.

Daniel Andrews, pictured with Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan, wants a domestic gas reservation policy. Luis Ascui

Mr Andrews acknowledged the pain in western suburbs, but he said the “progressive” plan to bring back the SEC, build the suburban rail loop and to offer free kinder and TAFE had been “convincingly endorsed”, as he declared he would lead the nation on policy.

“We are a progressive state, we are a thoughtful state, we are the centre of critical thinking, we are the centre of all the big ideas in our nation,” the premier said.

Close to half of Victorian voters did not believe Mr Andrews would serve a full term if he won the election, including four in 10 Labor supporters. But Labor insiders said the premier would be emboldened to go on after asserting his authority over both Labor and the state.

“It is the greatest honour of my life,” Mr Andrews said when he was asked if he would serve a full, four-year term. “I’m here to get things done. I’m thrilled to do it for another four years.

“I was brought up to know at a really elemental level that if you’ve had opportunity, then you are obliged,” he told reporters, alongside deputy premier and his anointed successor Jacinta Allan.

Much of the close to 6 per cent against Labor was in the west, where the party sits on large leads. It held all its seats there, including that of Treasurer Tim Pallas.

The Greens made strong inroads but despite being in the race in six new seats, it appeared on Sunday they might only win Richmond, in addition to their existing three seats.

The Liberals failed to make any serious inroads in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs or key suburban seats. One senior Liberal MP blamed their “genius” leader Mr Guy, who had “driven the party off a cliff”. the MP described the campaign as the “Titanic”. He urged Mr Guy and shadow treasurer David Davis to leave the parliament.

The result looked a little better for the Liberals on Sunday, with new Liberal candidate Jess Wilson holding Kew, and the former federal MP Chris Crewther, who appears likely to hold the seat of Mornington, both against teals.

Changes at the top

Liberal MP James Newbury in Brighton and David Southwick in Caulfield managed to hold their seats, while former tennis star Sam Groth won Nepean from Labor.

The Liberals’ Mr Pesutto was ahead by about 500 votes in Hawthorn with less than 9000 votes left to count and remained optimistic about claiming the seat. He signalled on Sunday that he would run for Liberal leader if he won.

“As a party of government, the Liberal Party cannot afford to be anything less than a movement which draws its support from right across Victoria,” Mr Pesutto told The Australian Financial Review.

Former Liberal leader Michael O’Brien has told colleagues he will not run for the leadership, paving the way for Mr Pesutto to take the reins, if he should win.


Mr Pesutto said new MPs Jess Wilson in Kew and Sam Groth in Nepean would be “key” in a new leadership team. Ms Wilson has previously flagged she wants to play a key role in the party’s renewal and generational change.

The Nationals also performed well and will win up to three extra seats, putting the Coalition on track to claim more than 25 seats, above the 23 they held before the election.

But they also lost some seats, including Glen Waverley, with Labor candidate and Strictly Ballroom actor Paul Mercurio just ahead in Hastings, but there were still seven seats still too close to call.

Pollster and former Liberal state secretary Tony Barry described it as a “disaster” for the Liberals.

“Just a killing field for us, just a disastrous result,” he said. “I think there needs to be a lot of soul-searching within the party.”

But Mr Guy, who on Sunday stood down as leader, talked up the result on Saturday night and Sunday.

“The respectable statewide two-party preferred swing to the Coalition of 3-4 per cent was most profound in the exceptional swings to the Liberal Party in Melbourne’s north and west,” he said in a statement. “This represents a huge future electoral opportunity for the Liberal Party.”

On Saturday night, he said the swings against Labor delivered a message to Mr Andrews.

“I hope that the Labor Party, who will form the government, will heed that message, and will have a change in style, a change in attitude, more approachable, focus more on uniting Victorians, not just dividing them.”

Mr Guy’s decision has triggered the firing pistol for the future of the Victorian Liberals.

Other names being touted for the Liberal Party leadership include Brad Battin, who has previously run for leader, and Ryan Smith, while opposition health spokeswoman Georgie Crozier has reportedly ruled herself out.

Mr Crewther is also expected to be a powerful new player and said he would seek a shadow ministry position if successful.

“We need to ensure there’s unity in the team and no more internal leaking that has damaged the party from within,” he told the Financial Review.

Despite the dire result, Liberal headquarters maintain that their polling was not too far wrong, simply that the high number of undecided voters broke against them on the day.

They also claim that their polling showed a dire 45-55 result on a two-party preferred basis in September when Mr Guy’s chief of staff resigned and that without a decent campaign the Liberals would have been wiped out like they were in Western Australia.

But polling by Freshwater Strategy for The Australian Financial Review at the start of November appeared closer to the mark after it projected Labor would lose three to five seats but narrowly hold power as support for Mr Guy stalled.

“Despite being seen as a highly divisive figure, Andrews was always the preferred leader to run Victoria,” Dr Mike Turner said. “At this election Victorians chose the devil they knew, rather than the alternative. Andrews probably has Matthew Guy to thank as much as his own campaign.”

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Ex-Islander Kieffer Bellows starting to find game with Flyers

Kieffer Bellows is already seeing one benefit of playing away from Long Island: He’s grown out some facial hair.

“I don’t know what you’d call it, I guess,” Bellows said ahead of his return to UBS Arena with the Flyers, asked if it felt freeing. “Growing up, the facial hair was just something that, maybe I’m being lazy about it, but it’s just there.”

It’s been almost exactly a month since the Flyers picked up Bellows off waivers from the Islanders, who drafted the 24-year-old in 2016. After sitting all but one game with the Isles — he was waived seven games into the season — Bellows has played nine times with Philadelphia, including a season-high 19:12 of ice time in a loss to the Penguins on Friday. He has yet to find the net, but said he feels like he’s finding his game. He took one shot in 15:31 of ice time in Saturday’s 5-2 Flyers loss to the Isles.

“First few games were getting used to the system, getting used to the guys,” Bellows said. “But now these last three games, I feel like I’ve really hit my stride. Really moving, really making plays. I know the stats haven’t shown it, but sooner or later with these chances, it’s gonna go in.”

Former Islander Kiefer Bellows battles Brock Nelson (No. 29) and Ryan Pulock (No. 6) for the puck during the Flyers' 5-2 loss.
Former Islander Kiefer Bellows battles Brock Nelson (No. 29) and Ryan Pulock (No. 6) for the puck during the Flyers’ 5-2 loss.
NHLI via Getty Images

Bellows has kept in touch with some of his former teammates, namely Sebastian Aho, Oliver Wahlstrom and Simon Holmstrom, who was in the lineup again on Saturday with Kyle Palmieri still dealing with an upper-body issue. Holmstrom and Bellows were in the competition for a spot at forward during training camp and, though Bellows ultimately made the roster, it’s Holmstrom who still plays for the Islanders and scored his first career point on Friday.

During training camp, having signed a one-year $1.1 million deal during the offseason, Bellows spoke of proving his worth to the organization. And, he admitted on Saturday, that being told he was going on waivers by Lou Lamoriello was a surprise.

“I know Lou and he has to make the … decisions for the team,” Bellows said. “He has to do what’s right for his team in the long run, so I respect that completely. I only have high praise for Lou and that organization over there, but going through that process near the end, Philadelphia picked me up. From then on, I’ve been working hard, trying to build my game up.”

Flyers coach John Tortorella agreed with Bellows’ assessment that he’s been improving over his last few games as he gains comfort in the system.

“Still a fairly young kid, new organization. I think sometimes it takes a little time just to get comfortable,” Tortorella said. “He deserves some of the ice time he’s getting right now and we’ll see where it all goes.”

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EPA AND TOURISM – Guyana Chronicle

The nexus between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the tourism sector in Guyana is much more meaningful and interdependent than what is usually presented. There is no doubt that with the new petroleum finds and the pristine biodiversity of our forested areas, tourism can be seen as a main economic contributor to the economy as visitors travel to these breathtaking destinations. Thus, tourism, specifically eco-tourism, has the potential to create beneficial effects on the environment by contributing to environmental protection and conservation. Activities in protected areas serve as a way to raise awareness of environmental values and can serve as a tool to finance the protection of natural areas, and increase their economic importance.

On the contrary, the impacts of tourism are linked to the construction of general infrastructure, such as roads and airports, and of tourism facilities, including resorts, hotels, restaurants, shops, and golf courses. Thus, the negative impacts of tourism development can gradually destroy the environmental resources on which it depends.

As such, the Agency contributes both directly and indirectly to the development of our beloved, transforming country of Guyana. The EPA mandate is linked to tourism as it allows for both setting of permit and compliance conditions for projects that facilitate tourism-related activities.

This way, the EPA’s permit conditions will vary to accommodate different activities that fall under the tourism sector. In addition to permitting and compliance, the EPA also conducts investigations into complaints as with other sectors, in keeping with its mandate to promote, facilitate and coordinate effective environmental management and protection; and the sustainable use of Guyana’s natural resources.

Finally, the EPA is responsible for ensuring that tourism operations comply with the Agency’s rules and regulations. This entails the Environmental Authorization process which identifies potential sources of pollution and proposes measures that would minimize negative impacts. To this end, periodic inspections and monitoring systems are implemented to existing operations such as hotels and resorts, etc., to continue the beneficial relationship between the EPA and the tourism sector.

You can share your ideas and questions by sending letters to: “Our Earth, Our Environment”, C/O Communications, Environmental Protection Agency, Ganges Street, Sophia, GEORGETOWN, or email us at: eit.epaguyana@gmail.com. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Valley shoppers support local businesses throughout the valley on ‘Small Business Saturday’

Small business owners are working relentlessly this holiday season. Along with Black Friday sales many of them are participating in ‘Small Business Saturday.’

Several valley shoppers showed up for Saturday’s Art on the Main Street in La Quinta to do some holiday shopping.

Among them was Peter Liljequist who says, “This is unique, you know, you have individual artists here and you find things here, you can’t find the department store or anywhere else. It’s a it’s one of a kind items. And that’s what we liked about it.”

The outdoor market features several vendors selling a variety of products from jewelry to stationary.

Lissa Malone, owner of Hand Sewn Stationary saw a rush of customers all throughout the morning.

Malone sells her fabric notecards all throughout the valley, and says she say a positive response this Saturday.

“I’m overwhelmed with the response. I thought it was going to be a nice turnout. I didn’t realize how good of a turnout,” says Malone.

Molly Standley, owner of Molly Moon crafts also has a loyal clientele all throughout the valley.

For ‘Small Business Saturday’ she set up a pop up shop at a neighborhood market in Palm Springs, instead of solely focusing on online sales.

“I think with Black Friday, this year, I kind of had like that pressure, I have to almost compete with the bigger corporations and have these sales. And this year, I want to stay true to my values. And, you know, see where my clientele is and just promote that Saturday, we’re gonna be out here,” says Standley.

Both business owners and shoppers alike seeing the value in shopping small.

“Support your local business shop locally. If you don’t, they’re not going to be there. So keep that in mind, help the economy and have a great holiday,” says Liljequist.

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Teacher’s death raises toll to 4 – DW – 11/27/2022

A teacher wounded during the shootings on Friday at two schools in Brazil succumbed to her injuries on Saturday, raising the death toll to four, said officials.

The attack by a teenage shooter who wore Nazi symbols has left about 10 people injured — including three teachers and a student, who are in critical condition — according to authorities in the city of Aracruz, in Espirito Santo state.

 “Unfortunately, the tragedy of Aracruz has not yet ended,” said state Governor Renato Casagrande in a tweet on Saturday.

He added, “With deep regret we confirm the death of another victim, teacher Flavia Amboss Mercon.”

After Friday’s shooting attack, Casagrande had declared three days of mourning in Espirito Santo.

The shooter has been identified as a former student at the public school he targeted first where he ended up killing two people and injuring some nine others. Carrying a semiautomatic pistol and a revolver, he then went to another school that was located on the same street.

The Espirito Santo police said that he had been arrested and will face charges of murder.

The probe is still in the preliminary phase so the motives behind the attack are still uncertain, said investigators.

Latest shooting spurs calls for gun policy reform

School shootings have increased in Brazil in recent years. Friday’s shooting at the two schools in Espirito Santo was the 12th such incident in the country since 2002, according to the research institute Sou da Paz.

The latest attack has evoked criticism around Brazil’s gun-control laws, with critics hitting out at presidential orders relaxing regulations on firearms under far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, who has been a vocal supporter of gun rights.

According to experts, more than 40 decrees were facilitating purchases and registrations of weapons for Brazilians.

Everyday, people in Brazil are buying over a thousand weapons, according to Sou da Paz Institute.

mf/sri (AP, AFP)

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Britney Spears took a look at Megyn in this music video

Britney Spears took a look at Megyn in this music video

In 2009, Britney Spears released one of her most popular — and controversial — songs to date. “If U Seek Amy” The song was tongue in cheek, and the title lyrics were intended to convey something far more profane. This drew ire from critics. The song became a hit, playing non-stop on U.S. radio stations. 

Megyn Kelly was a conservative commentator who became famous for her comments on Fox News. “America’s Newsroom,” Run a segment She slowly sang the lyrics of the song and continued to say, “Doesn’t make any sense, does it? It’s not supposed to … that song is on the air right now, that is on the radio, it will be playing while you drive your children to school!” 

Spears’s album was released a little over a month later. “If U Seek Amy” Music videoKelly was then attacked in a retaliatory tweet. “If … You … Seek … Amy,” Kelly is played by Kristina Mitchell (per IMDb) sounded out at the beginning of the music video in a clear reference to the Fox News commentator. The music video is over. “Kelly” She closes by saying this: “Doesn’t make any sense, does it?” A banner above the commentator read almost verbatim what Kelly actually did: “Britney Spears Song Lyrics Spell Out Obscenity In Disguise.” 

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Roster Move Indicating Rookie Starts for Rams in Week 12

Sean McVay


Sean McVay calls timeout on November 20, 2022 in New Orleans.

The Los Angeles Rams may be placed in a situation where they’ll roll with their fourth blindside option in a game.

Hence the roster addition for one rookie draft pick — which is signaling that he could be plugged in against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who was Elevated

Announced by the franchise on Saturday, November 25 nearly 24 hours before the Week 12 contest, the Rams have promoted first-year offensive tackle A.J. Arcuri to the 53-man roster for their Arrowhead Stadium trip. Arcuri was among two active roster signings for the Chiefs game.

And his elevation comes with head coach Sean McVay revealing on Black Friday that the rookie out of Michigan State could be an option with Ty Nsekhe dealing with a knee ailment.

Nsekhe is yet to be ruled out of the lineup. However, he did not participate during practices during the week of November 21. He has been listed as questionable for the Chiefs game.

In the event Arcuri gets the greenlight to start, he’ll become the fourth to line up at left tackle for what’s been an injury-ravaged offensive line.

The Rams started the year with Joe Noteboom planted as the starter. After Noteboom went down with a torn ACL, Alaric Jackson then became a fixture on the blindside. Jackson, though, was ruled out for the year before the New Orleans Saints game due to blood clots. Nsekhe, 36, then took over the LT duties.

The towering Arcuri came into the league as a seventh rounder for the Rams. Per the Michigan State football website, he started in 25 games (17 on the blindside) and saw action in 40 total contests. Arcuri was also a seasoned collegian — having played six seasons of college football which included his graduate senior season of 2021.

After the Rams got him at No. 261 overall, he credited the Big 10 for preparing him for his NFL moment.

“I think the Big 10 is definitely a strong league,” Arcuri told the L.A. media via Zoom in May 2022. “You go against great defensive linemen every week — so I think that’s played a huge role in preparing me for this next opportunity ahead.”

AJ Arcuri Talks About How The Big 10 Prepared Him For The NFL & Talks Impressions Of Rams OL RoomMichigan State offensive lineman AJ Arcuri talks about how the physicality of the Big 10 conference prepared him for the NFL and recalls his connection with Los Angeles Rams OL Brian Allen. Subscribe to the LA Rams Channel: bit.ly/3d9IrHe For More Exclusive Content follow the Rams: Twitter: twitter.com/ramsnfl Instagram: instagram.com/rams/ Facebook: facebook.com/Rams/ Website: therams.com Get…2022-05-01T04:04:56Z

Now, his next opportunity could be preventing a Chiefs pass rush that is averaging 3.2 sacks per game. The Chiefs have 12 different players record a sack this season — and that includes leader Chris Jones at defensive tackle with nine and edge rusher Carlos Dunlap with four. Even cornerback L’Jarius Sneed has provided a rare pass rush element with 3.5 sacks on blitzes.

Other Roster Moves

Also signed, and lured back to the active roster, was undrafted rookie Ronnie Rivers.

This decision comes in the wake of Darrell Henderson being waived by the Rams on Tuesday, November 22. Henderson was since claimed off waivers by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Sunday will mark Rivers’ fourth NFL game.

Meanwhile, fellow undrafted rookie Roger Carter got activated to the active roster — which points to tight end Tyler Higbee possibly not playing versus K.C. due to his knee ailment. Guard Jeremiah Kolone was another activation to provide some needed interior offensive line depth for the Rams. Kolone could step in for Matt Skura, who was listed as questionable due to his knee injury and was a non-practice participant during the week. Starting center Brian Allen has been ruled out with a thumb injury.

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