Maryland Terrapins Men’s Basketball Begins Tonight vs. the Mount St Mary’s Mountaineers down at The Xfinity!

We Expect Big Things From The Maryland Men's Basketball Team This year!

The second year of the Kevin Willard era for Maryland men’s basketball is expected to be an exciting one, with noticeable anticipation filling the air in College Park. The team is poised for success, with key starters Jahmir Young, Donta Scott, and Julian Reese returning to the court. In addition, the team boasts a promising top-20 freshman class, spearheaded by the local four-star standout DeShawn Harris-Smith. 

The Terps’ 2023-24 campaign begins Tuesday with a home matchup against Mount St. Mary’s. The Terps have won 46 consecutive home-openers, the third-longest streak in the country.

Tuesday’s game is set for 7 p.m. and will be streamed on Big Ten Plus.

As we approach this upcoming game tonight, it’s important to acknowledge that turnovers can be a defining factor in determining the outcome. When we take a closer look at the statistics from last season, we can see that both teams had very different results in this area. Maryland ended up in a favorable position, finishing the season ranked 29th in the nation for turnovers with an average of only 10.7 turnovers per game. This is a strong indicator of their ability to maintain possession and limit mistakes on the court. However, Mt St Mary’s didn’t fare as well in this category, coming in at 288th in the nation with an average of 13.5 turnovers per game. While this may not seem like a significant difference on paper, it could potentially have a major impact on the outcome of the game. Therefore, it will be crucial for both teams to focus on minimizing turnovers and capitalizing on their opponents’ mistakes.

As we shift our attention to the upcoming basketball season, it’s worth reflecting on the previous one and the performance of the Maryland and Mt St Mary’s teams. Maryland, a formidable opponent throughout last season, managed to finish with a commendable 20-11 win-loss record, thereby securing a spot on the positive end of the .500 mark. This achievement certainly speaks volumes about their dedication, perseverance and hard work, qualities that are bound to hold them in good stead going into the new season. On the other hand, the Mt St Mary’s side might have struggled to maintain their form, thereby finishing the season with a less desirable 12-19 record. Admittedly, it was not their best display, but they will be hoping to bounce back stronger this season and put up a better showing on the court. All in all, it will be an exciting season with both teams poised to put their best foot forward and give their fans something to cheer about.

The experts and betting enthusiasts firmly believe that the team holds a significant advantage, favoring them by a notable 20.5 points. They draw inspiration from their previous season, which they culminated with an impeccable 20-11 record against the spread. The matchday is near, the teams are all geared up to display their prowess, and the basketball fanatics await the nail-biting contest amidst the overwhelming enthusiasm.

Their previous encounter back in November of 2020. Maryland easily won that game with a score of 79-61, but many fans are wondering whether Mt St Mary’s has learned from their mistakes and developed a stronger game plan for this faceoff. Is Maryland going to repeat their success with a dominant performance, or will Mt St Mary’s pull off a stunning upset? There are so many variables at play, including team dynamics, player injuries, and strategy adjustments. As we eagerly await the game, one thing is for sure: both teams will bring their A-game and fight fiercely for a shot at victory. So, strap in, get ready for some edge-of-your-seat action, and let’s see which team comes out on top!

Based on the latest college basketball odds, it appears that Maryland has quite an advantage against the opposition, Mt St Mary’s, with a hefty 20.5-point lead. It’s worth noting that the oddsmakers seemed to be pretty on point with the expected outcome of this game, as the initial odds had the Terrapins favored by 20 points. So, it seems that the experts are confident in Maryland’s capabilities and anticipate a clear victory for them. Additionally, for those interested in placing bets or simply tracking the point totals, the over/under is established at 131.5 points. Overall, the prediction is that Maryland will dominate the game against Mt St Mary’s and fans of the Terrapins can potentially see a massive victory.

Maryland has won all of the games they’ve played against Mt St Mary’s in the last 8 years.

  • Nov 29, 2020 – Maryland 79 vs. Mt St Mary’s 61
  • Nov 18, 2018 – Maryland 92 vs. Mt St Mary’s 77
  • Nov 13, 2015 – Maryland 80 vs. Mt St Mary’s 56

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - First Round - Birmingham

Maryland’s starting lineup. It’s almost certain that Maryland will start with Young and Harris-Smith in the backcourt, and Donta Scott and Julian Reese in the frontcourt. Might freshman Jamie Kaiser Jr. take that fifth spot? Willard has mentioned that he tested a multitude of different lineups during the preseason.

New depth. A lot has been made of the departures of Hakim Hart, Ian Martinez, Don Carey and Pat Emilien, understandably so. Could Jordan Geronimo come off the bench to provide an athletic spark? Will freshman Jahnathan Lamothe get minutes? And at center, what roles will Caelum Swanton-Rodger and Mady Traore have?

It might only be the first game, but trends should start to take place of who will be counted on this season.

Dominance at XFINITY. Maryland went a remarkable 16-1 at home last season. While that mark is almost certainly irreproducible, Maryland will look to get off to a winning start at home this year.

Men’s Basketball

Tonight, Nov. 7

vs Mount St. Mary’s

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