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10th Speaker: Progressive govs’ endorse Abbas,

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Chairman of the Progressive Governors’ Forum and Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma, has said the Forum has resolved to back the choice of the party for the position of speakers and deputy speaker of the incoming 10th House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas and Benjamin Kalu.

The governor made the disclosure when he hosted the campaign team of the Abbas/Kalu joint ticket led by the Joint Task –10th Assembly Coalition at the Imo State Governor’s Lodge yesterday evening in Asokoro, Abuja.

He said the party has made the best choice of presiding officers for the House, and the least the governors should do is to ensure that the party’s preference and vision is actualised come June 13.
Uzodinma commended members of the coalition who are drawn from the eight political parties that won seats in the 10th House, saying they made the right decision to support the joint ticket.

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Business owner abandons ‘lawless’ San Francisco,

Lawlessness in San Francisco has prompted business owner and lifelong resident Tom Wong to abandon the city and flee for the suburbs in hope of escaping the chaos.

Wong told FOX Business’ Ashley Webster on Monday that he no longer recognizes the city he grew up in and its downward spiral has left its youth hopeless and vengeful against locals and area establishments.

“I moved out to the suburbs because it’s much safer,” he explained during his appearance on “Varney & Co.”

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AKU Organises Panel Discussion On Plastic

The Aga Khan University celebrated World Environment Day in 2023 with a panel discussion on plastic pollution at the AKU auditorium and a showing of the documentary.

AKU Organises Panel Discussion On Plastic Pollution

The Aga Khan University celebrated World Environment Day in 2023 with a panel discussion on plastic pollution at the AKU auditorium and a showing of the documentary “Oceans: The Mystery of the Missing Plastic.”

Experts from a variety of fields came together for a panel discussion on the subject of “Addressing plastic pollution through innovative and local solutions,” where they explored practical solutions to the massive global plastic crisis.

On the panel were Mr Salman Tariq, CEO of Davaam, Ms. Ramlah Tariq, Sustainability Lead at Unilever Pakistan, Mr Ghazi Salahuddin, Regional Head (Sindh and Balochistan) of WWF Pakistan, Dr Mehmood Ali, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering at NED University, and Ms Amber Ajani, Manager Environment and Sustainability at the Aga Khan University.

The documentary that was presented at the event raised awareness about how our addiction to plastic eventually pollutes the deep sea, coral reefs, and other land and marine deposits, and eventually makes its way into our food chain.

World Environment Day is a global commemoration to raise awareness of environmental challenges, with the theme of #BeatPlasticPollution focusing on solutions to plastic pollution.

Our oceans and coastlines are being choked by plastic waste, endangering lives, livelihoods, and ecosystems. Only 10% of the 400 million tonnes of plastic produced annually around the world is recycled. Microplastics degrade into food, water, and the atmosphere, and 19–23 million tonnes end up in lakes, rivers, and oceans.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Jamil Ahmed Khan, Senior Advisor in the AKU President’s Office, discussed the problem of plastic pollution. In order to achieve net zero emissions by 2030, he commended the AKU’s Environment and Sustainability team for raising awareness of the problem. The most recent findings in climate science support this.

In a panel discussion, Mr. Salman Tariq (Davaam) and Mr. Ghazi Salahuddin (WWF Pakistan) talked about plastic pollution. Mr. Salahuddin argued that it is the corporate sector’s duty to adopt environmentally friendly production and disposal methods and eliminate those that are harmful. Tariq added that Pakistan wastes 3.3 million tonnes of plastic annually, which is equivalent to two Mount K2s. For people to adopt the plastic-free lifestyle change required for environmental conservation, financial incentives for circularity are crucial.

“Our mantra is reduce, reuse, and recycle,” Ms. Ramlah Tariq, speaking on behalf of Unilever Pakistan, said. By 2025, we want to reduce our consumption of virgin plastic in half. She emphasised the importance of having a multistakeholder model where the government, businesses, and civil society can all collaborate.

“At NED University, we actively work on producing research that can provide useful measures for conserving our environment,” said Dr. Mehmood. Our academic community must play a crucial part in raising awareness, conducting research, and developing solutions to Pakistan’s environmental problems.

“AKU has made concerted efforts to phase-down single-use plastic water bottles globally and is now substituting natural birchwood cutlery for plastic cutlery used for takeaway,” said Ms. Amber Ajani (AKU). At-source plastic use reduction and awareness of our obligations to the environment are urgently needed.

AKU is acting in response to the pollution and climate crises because it understands its responsibility. The four guiding principles of the AKDN-wide Environment and Climate Commitment Statement—responsible stewardship, enhancing the quality of life for the most vulnerable, socially responsible leadership, and setting an example—serve as its foundation. At Aga Khan University in Kenya, a related event sparked discussions about plastic pollution and the need for collective responsibility.

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Protestors stage sit-in at the state Capitol to

Passing cars honked in support as hundreds of protesters staged a sit-in in front of the state Capitol Monday to demand drastic action from Gov. Jared Polis on gun violence. Demonstrators want Polis, via executive order, to declare a gun violence state-of-emergency, ban all guns in the state including within law enforcement, and implement a gun buyback program.

“I’m here to speak for teachers who don’t feel safe and sometimes feel powerless,” Emilee Claypool, a Denver-area elementary school teacher and one of the protestors, said. “There’s just this undercurrent of constant stress and fear. I mean, I’ve spent time in closets, not knowing what was going to happen, and it wasn’t a drill.”

The Denver chapter of the national Here 4 The Kids movement led the sit-in. The group was launched after a mass shooting in Nashville in March and calls for white women to use their “privilege” to stand on the front lines of protests to protect people of color who have been historically marginalized and are disproportionately at risk for retaliation.

“We’re showing up. We’re taking our orders from amazing Black, brown and Indigenous women of color and we are creating a peaceful movement with one simple plea: ban guns,” Wolf Terry, a field organizer with the Denver chapter of Here 4 The Kids, said. “That is why white women are here today at the Capitol to stand in a place where we have never stood before and say: enough is enough.”

Gun deaths among children rose by 50% between 2019 and 2021, making firearms the leading cause of death for kids and teens in the U.S., according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

 Emilee Claypool poses in front of the state Capitol.

Emilee Claypool is a Denver elementary school teacher. She said many of her fellow teachers feel powerless in the face of gun violence.

Polis released a statement saying that his staff met with the organizers of the demonstration to tell them that the ban they’re proposing would be unconstitutional.

“The Governor takes the weighty responsibility of executive action and the trust Coloradans placed in him to govern responsibly seriously, and will not issue an unconstitutional order that will be struck down in court simply to make a public relations statement — he will continue to focus on real solutions to help make Colorado one of the ten safest states,” the statement said.

Polis’ office also referenced the recent package of state legislation aimed at curbing gun violence. He signed bills into law over the last few months that will impose a waiting period on gun purchases, raise the gun-purchasing age to 21, expand the state’s red flag laws, make it easier for gun violence victims to sue the gun industry, and ban so-called ghost guns. Gun-rights group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners filed lawsuits against two of the measures soon after they were signed.

Demonstrators, however, say those measures fall short and called out lawmakers for failing to pass an assault weapons ban.

“It’s not enough because people are still dying every day. We still have assault weapons out on the streets. And an assault weapon can kill a lot of people quickly,” Vickie Wilhite, a demonstrator who has grandchildren in the Denver school system, said. “Let me be clear, we are very happy about what we’ve done. But it’s not enough.”

Two signs with markered words on them read "Ban guns" and "I am here for Lyle & James."

Many of the protestors carried signs with the names of children on them, like the one pictured here. Guns have become the leading cause of death for children in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Rep. Javier Mabrey, a progressive state lawmaker who co-sponsored one of the new gun-control laws, agrees with the demonstrators.

“One thing that is abundantly clear is we are not doing enough to address gun violence in this country, or in this state.” Mabrey said. “We should have passed the assault weapons bans. And, you know, there are other creative solutions.”

Mabrey said he’s considering introducing legislation next year that would hold the gun industry further accountable for acts of gun violence.

Protest organizers say they plan to continue the sit-in daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. until the government takes action.

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President Biden holds moment of silence for Norma

President Biden holds moment of silence for ‘First Lady of Football’ Norma Hunt during the Chiefs’ White House visit after the Kansas City matriarch died aged 85

President Joe Biden paid tribute to Kansas City Chiefs matriarch Norma Hunt during the organization’s visit to the White House Monday. 

The wife of Kansas City Chiefs founder and former owner Lamar Hunt, Norma died at the weekend at the age of 85, the franchise announced Sunday

Norma, the mother of the NFL team’s current owner Clark, was the only woman to attend every Super Bowl and watched her beloved Chiefs hoist the Lombardi Trophy for the third time in February. 

The team’s traditional Super Bowl victors’ trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on Monday was bittersweet following the loss of the ‘First Lady of Football.’

But amid the celebrations Biden chose to honor Norma with a moment of silence in front of the White House. 

President Joe Biden paid tribute to Kansas City Chiefs matriarch Norma Hunt on Monday

President Joe Biden paid tribute to Kansas City Chiefs matriarch Norma Hunt on Monday 

Norma Hunt the wife of Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt,  died aged 85 at the weekend

Norma Hunt the wife of Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt,  died aged 85 at the weekend 

Norma was the mother of the NFL franchise's current owner, Clark (pictured right)

Norma was the mother of the NFL franchise’s current owner, Clark (pictured right)

‘We’re missing one of the most loyal Chiefs fans there ever was, Norma Hunt, who passed away this weekend. I’d like to suggest a moment of silence,’ he said before he and the players behind him bowed their heads in respect. 

 POTUS sent condolences to the entire Hunt family and the Chiefs’ organization on behalf of him and the First Lady Jill Biden, who missed the event due to being in the Middle East. 

The FLOTUS is a die-hard eagles fan and the President claimed his wife is still upset about her team’s loss and refuses to believe James Bradberry was called for holding Juju Smith-Schuster. 

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Co. wore suits for their trip to Washington DC on Monday.

The star quarterback donned a sharp blue suit while tight end Kelce sported a black t-shirt with red jacket, finished off with some shades. The pair presented the President with a Chiefs No. 46 jersey.

The sun was blazing for the Chiefs’ visit and Mahomes was quick to document the occasion, sharing videos and pictures on his Instagram story.

He posted a video of his teammates lining up outside the White House. Chiefs coach Andy Reid could be seen at the front, looking dapper in a suit, complete with red tie and franchise-branded jacket.

Mahomes then took his 5.6 million followers behind the scenes, capturing video inside the White House itself.

President Joe Biden walks with Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes as he welcomes the team

President Joe Biden walks with Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes as he welcomes the team

Mahomes and Travis Kelce present President Biden with a Chiefs jersey at the White House

Members of the Chiefs team signed a White House-branded football as part of the celebration

Members of the Chiefs team signed a White House-branded football as part of the celebration

He filmed seven of his teammates strutting their stuff down a red carpet with Skyy Moore one of those dancing his way through the building. The group performed the well-known Memphis Grizzlies’ tunnel dance.

Mahomes had taken a selfie alongside fellow quarterback Chad Henne and Moore with kicker Harrison Butker oblivious in the background. 

President Biden was seen walking with Mahomes in the grounds of the White House before the former gave a speech outside to honor the team. 

The Chiefs are the latest team to visit the President after the LSU Tigers women’s basketball team and the UConn Huskies men’s basketball team took up the offer following their respective national championship wins.

The 'First Lady of Football' was by her husband Lamar's (right) through his sporting ventures

The ‘First Lady of Football’ was by her husband Lamar’s (right) through his sporting ventures

Kansas City won its third Super Bowl title in franchise history when they beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Super Bowl LVII in February.

Butker kicked the game-winning goal with just eight seconds left in the entertaining showdown at Arizona’s State Farm Stadium.

It is tradition for the Super Bowl victors to go to the White House after sealing glory months earlier.

But the Los Angeles Rams didn’t take up the invitation last year, making the Chiefs the first team since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021 to pay a visit. 

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Birds Sing, but Are They Making Music? What

When a bird sings, you may think you’re hearing music. But are the melodies it’s making really music? Or is what we’re hearing merely a string of lilting calls that appeals to the human ear?

Birdsong has inspired musicians from Bob Marley to Mozart and perhaps as far back as the first hunter-gatherers who banged out a beat. And a growing body of research is showing that the affinity human musicians feel toward birdsong has a strong scientific basis. Scientists are understanding more about avian species’ ability to learn, interpret and produce songs much like our own.

Just like humans, birds learn songs from each other and practice to perfect them. And just as human speech is distinct from human music, bird calls, which serve as warnings and other forms of direct communication, differ from birdsong.

While researchers are still debating the functions of birdsong, studies show that it is structurally similar to our own tunes. So, are birds making music? That depends on what you mean.

“I’m not sure we can or want to define music,” said Ofer Tchernichovski, a zoologist and psychologist at the City University of New York who studies birdsong.

Where you draw the line between music and mere noise is arbitrary, said Emily Doolittle, a zoomusicologist and composer at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. The difference between a human baby’s babbling versus a toddler’s humming might seem more distinct than that of a hatchling’s cry for food and a maturing bird’s practicing of a melody, she added.

Wherever we draw the line, birdsong and human song share striking similarities.

Existing research points to one main conclusion: Birdsong is structured like human music. Songbirds change their tempo (speed), pitch (how high or low they sing) and timbre (tone) to sing tunes that resemble our own melodies.

Other features, like cadence and tension, are also used in both birdsong and human music, said Tina Roeske, a behavioral neurobiologist who specializes in birdsong. Just as the familiar tune “In the Hall of the Mountain King” gradually builds speed “accelerando,” as the compositional notation is known, some birdsong does too, like that of the nightingale.

While earlier studies focused on syntax, or how notes were ordered, newer research is integrating rhythm, too, by analyzing how notes are timed. In human music, rhythm is often thought of as a constant beat, like the one that opens “We Will Rock You” by Queen. But in birdsong, rhythm refers to patterns of notes, regardless of whether they are repeated.

To humans, birdsong may appear to have “a random structure,” Dr. Roeske said. Because of the speed at which birds sing — up to four times as fast as most human music — that rhythm is “hard for us to grasp and appreciate,” she added.

Dr. Roeske and her co-author Dr. Tchernichovski researched birds’ musical structure and found that birdsong rhythms fell into three general categories. The first is isochronous, in which intervals between notes are equidistant.

Alternating, in which a note is longer than the previous one.

And ornament, an exaggerated form of the alternating pattern.

Human music contains these rhythmic patterns, too.

In their 2020 study, Dr. Roeske and Dr. Tchernikovski compared recordings of thrush nightingales across Europe with examples from musical genres all over the world, including Western classical piano, Persian drumming and Tunisian stambeli. They found that birdsong and global music forms had the same types of timing components, integer ratios, which form the foundation of most melodies.

In music, these ratios are the amount of time between notes. A 1-to-1 ratio means notes are evenly spaced, like in “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” but a 1-to-2 ratio means the time from one note to the next is uneven, like in “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” Dr. Roeske explained.

When they charted integer ratios from birdsong and human music, the plots all produced a similar shape resembling a long-stemmed flower. This indicates that some birds build songs using patterns similar to those found in human music.

Other researchers are gaining insights by focusing on birdsong rhythm.

“We found that rhythm and syntax have a relationship that nobody has really thought about before,” said Jeffrey Xing, a graduate student in psychology at the University of California, San Diego, and an author of a September 2022 paper analyzing the song structure of the Australian pied butcherbird.

Pied butcherbirds “seem to prefer some song rhythms over others,” such as isochronous rhythm, Mr. Xing said. In some ways, these rhythmic patterns follow rules like forms of poetry that have strict meter. A good example is a sonnet.

“It’s a very rigid rhythmic structure that you have to follow, and somehow the syntax of the words you use has to conform to that,” he said.

Hollis Taylor has dedicated her life’s work as a violinist and ornithologist to the pied butcherbird, a species she deems a fellow musician.

Ms. Taylor, who analyzed the bird’s rhythmic structures with Mr. Xing, records the birds’ songs in Australian deserts and savannas in the middle of the night. Then, she transcribes their notes into musical notation.

“The musician in me recognizes the musician in them,” Ms. Taylor said.

She has observed what appear to be warm-up sessions, rehearsals and singing contests. Other than humans, there’s only a “small club” of species with an observed capacity to learn songs and vocal patterns, Ms. Taylor said, including songbirds, parrots, hummingbirds, bats, elephants and some marine mammals.

Ms. Taylor has performed her birdsong-like compositions with orchestras around the world. She draws inspiration from the French composer Olivier Messiaen, who also transcribed birdsong into musical notation.

Musicians’ fascination with birdsong has deep roots. Mozart, historians recount, kept a European starling in his Vienna apartment for three years. In a letter to his father, Mozart remarked at the “lovely” and precise way in which the starling learned and repeated one of his concertos.

While there is no concrete evidence that Mozart’s starling influenced his compositions, the idea that birds affect the work of composers endures.

The French composer François-Bernard Mâche, a founder of zoomusicology, speculates that birds may have influenced Igor Stravinsky’s compositions during summertime stays in what is now Ukraine. According to Dr. Doolittle’s research, the song patterns of Eurasian blackbirds found in that region resemble Stravinsky’s compositional style.

Neuroscience research points to the idea that this affinity between birds and humans is not so unusual. In terms of musical ability, we are more like birds than we are like our primate cousins or other mammals, said Johan Bolhuis, a zoologist who specializes in the cognitive neurobiology of birds and humans.

Our brains and songbirds’ brains have a similar way of learning musicality. But the brains of monkeys and non-songbirds, like gulls, are organized in a different way, Dr. Bolhuis said. It could be a sign of shared creative abilities: Like humans, some songbird species seem to improvise based on the song patterns they have learned.

For example, both humans and birds can produce smash hits that evoke feelings in their listeners, the psychologist Dr. Tchernichovski explained.

“When you hear music, what do you feel? Well, it depends on the music,” he said.

For instance, listening to a funeral march might make you sad even if you’re vacationing on the beach, and a romantic song might fill you with love even if you’re working on your taxes. Birdsong can affect the behavior of other birds by luring in a mate or scaring off an unwanted foe, similar to how we might turn up the volume when we hear our favorite song or skip to the next track if the vibe is off.

“This is the magic in music,” Dr. Tchernichovski said. “Bird songs seem to have some of this magic, too.”

But there’s no evidence that their songs have meaning, Dr. Bolhuis said.

“In the mind of the great composers, they actually meant something” with music, he said. “It’s not so much the case in birdsong.”

Also, birds have a limited repertoire, whereas with only a limited number of items, the human mind “can be infinitely creative,” Dr. Bolhuis said.

Researchers agree, however, that birdsong can communicate identity. “They can recognize individuals just the way you and I can recognize each other by our voices,” said Mike Webster, director of the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

When birds from a certain area hear a familiar bird singing, he explained, it’s no big deal. But if the same bird moves to a new area, the birds there “go bananas” in a territorial uproar. In this sense, singing is like a way for birds to identify themselves — but there may be more to it than that.

While scientists have studied birdsong for decades, they know little about why and how birds select specific tunes and what counts as deliberate communication versus meaningless song.

Through brain-imaging studies, neuroscientists have found that the human brain responds to music most strongly along a particular neural circuit that is activated when a person listens to a song perceived as pleasant. Studies have shown that birdsong elicits the same response in female birds, possibly as an evolutionary mechanism for mate attraction. But scientists still wonder whether birds sing for entertainment in addition to mating.

“What’s going on in the bird’s head when it’s singing? Is it happy?” Dr. Webster said. Humans often sing when they are emotional — happy and heartbroken alike — but scientists do not know if birds have such an emotional range.

Dr. Webster, who studies bird behavior and communication, added another unknown: If birdsong’s main purpose in some species is for males to attract females, then why do some females also sing? “Female song actually arose very early in songbird evolution,” he said. “In species where females don’t sing, it’s because they’ve lost the ability to sing rather than it being gained.” This indicates that it may have once been evolutionarily beneficial for females to sing — and scientists can’t say why.

There are other mysteries. Ornithologists have observed “bird chatter” in parrots, when two birds appear to be whispering to each other. There are also nonvocal sounds, Dr. Webster said: Some birds snap their wings, some drum on trees and others rub their feathers together as if playing the violin. The purpose of these sounds — whether communicative, musical or both — sits on the next frontier of ornithology research.

“We’ve just scratched the surface,” Dr. Webster said. “Birds are constantly making sound, and I think most of the time we don’t really know why, and we don’t really know what they’re saying to each other.”

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Exclusive! Renee Dhyani talks about being a part

MUMBAI: Renee Dhyani is one of the most loved celebrities of television and has a good fan following.

The actress rose to fame with her stint in reality shows like Bigg Boss Season 8 and MTV Roadies. Till date, she is known for the same. 

She has also been part of shows like Yeh Teri Galiyan, Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, Chandrakanta etc.

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TellyChakkar got in touch with the actress and asked her which show is much easier to be a part of, Bigg Boss or MTV Roadies. Also, we asked her what she thinks about the tiff between Prince, Rhea and Gautam.

You have done reality shows as well as serials. Which one is easy to work in?

When you become an actor after being a part of a reality show, there is already an image that the audience have about you. When I came from realty into acting, I was conscious that I shouldn’t be known as a reality star, but as an actor. I enjoyed reality shows as you need to show your character to the people. There is no creative process and I loved doing both the shows, Roadies and Bigg Boss.

Which show did you have fun doing, Bigg Boss or MTV Roadies?

Roadies do not have a lot of restrictions. But when you enter the Bigg Boss house, there is a sense of responsibility as there you are locked with so many other celebrities as well. There is competition, but I enjoyed Roadies as that was a rough and tough show, without any fitter.

Till now, do you follow the show Bigg Boss or MTV Roadies?

I am not able to follow Roadies, but I do follow Bigg Boss. At times, actors who you have worked with participate in the show and hence, you end up watching it. It also makes people trend a lot. 

What do you think about the fight between Prince, Reha and Gautam in MTV Roadies Season 19?

After I participated in the show, I haven’t been able to follow MTV Roadies Season 19 but whenever I think about Roadies, the rawness that Raghu and Rajiv provided the show with was on another level. Post that, people come and go, but to find a judge who doesn’t have a filter and who is raw is hard to find. Anyone can do a task when it comes to making someone a leader. It’s a huge responsibility. I have hardly followed these people.

Well, Renee Dhyani has made quite a name in the world of reality shows and serials.

For more news and updates from the world of television, OTT, and movies, stay tuned to TellyChakkar.

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Vanderpump Rules’ inner circle member reveals

JENNY Ting, one of the inner circle members of Vanderpump Rules, has revealed she is pregnant with her first child.

The friend of the Vanderpump Rules cast took to Instagram on Sunday with a new set of baby bump photos.

Vanderpump Rules’ inner circle member Jenny Ting took to Instagram on Sunday with new baby bump photos to reveal her first pregnancy


Vanderpump Rules’ inner circle member Jenny Ting took to Instagram on Sunday with new baby bump photos to reveal her first pregnancyCredit: Instagram / Jenny Ting
Jenny Ting is a former LA Lakers cheerleader who now works in Los Angeles real estate and has a close relationship with many VPR cast members


Jenny Ting is a former LA Lakers cheerleader who now works in Los Angeles real estate and has a close relationship with many VPR cast membersCredit: Bravo Media

Jenny, who does not appear on the hit Bravo spinoff, posed for a new photoshoot while wearing a white bra top and low-rise, baggy jeans.

She left her pants unbuttoned as she showed off her bump, which she proudly displayed for the exciting announcement.

“Through a challenging journey, we patiently waited for our precious miracle. Our little one is coming!” she wrote in her caption.

The announcement came just eight months after Jenny said “I do” to her husband Rob Crawford.

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Jenny is a former Laker Girl and now works in Los Angeles real estate, maintaining a close relationship with many VPR girls – specifically Scheana Shay and formerly Raquel Leviss.


A few reality stars chimed in to give their congratulations on Jenny’s pregnancy news.

Scheana commented: “YESSSSSSSSS,” while her husband Brock Davies similarly wrote: “Yesssss there we goooo.”

Ally Lewber, James Kennedy’s new girlfriend, replied to the post: “Congratulations Jenny !!!”

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Ariana Madix also commented with a few heart-eyed emojis for her friend.

While Jenny may not be in the spotlight on the show, she definitely has been around the drama of the VPR cast – especially over the past year.


Jenny and Raquel were close friends in the past and Raquel was even present to celebrate all of Jenny’s pre-wedding festivities last summer.

However, there has been a switch in her relationship with Raquel since Scandoval, as it’s clear from Ariana’s comment on her pregnancy post that she has seemingly stuck by her side.

Raquel shook up her friendships in early March when Ariana, Tom Sandoval’s girlfriend of nine years, found out that he had been having a months-long affair with the beauty pageant queen behind her back.

Jenny was recently mentioned on an episode of Scheana’s podcast, Scheananigans, featuring former VPR cast members, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

Jenny traveled to Mexico in August 2022 for Scheana’s wedding, which aired in Season 10.

Jenny had planned to stay with Raquel during the week, however, was later told she couldn’t because production wouldn’t let Raquel share the room.

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Jenny offered to remove her stuff from the room to avoid being filmed, but Raquel continued to blame production and say she couldn’t stay with her.

Since Tom stayed in a room with Ariana during the Mexico trip, Scheana explained how Raquel most likely fabricated production’s wishes so she and Tom could have an empty space to hook up.

Both VPR cast members Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix commented on Jenny's pregnancy post to give their congratulations


Both VPR cast members Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix commented on Jenny’s pregnancy post to give their congratulationsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Raquel Leviss and Jenny Ting were close friends in the past and even celebrated Jenny's wedding last year together


Raquel Leviss and Jenny Ting were close friends in the past and even celebrated Jenny’s wedding last year togetherCredit: Instagram / Jenny Ting
Jenny opened up about Raquel's former claims of production kicking Jenny out of their shared room during Scheana's Mexico wedding


Jenny opened up about Raquel’s former claims of production kicking Jenny out of their shared room during Scheana’s Mexico weddingCredit: Instagram / Jenny Ting

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Below Deck’s Gary King Had Sex With Daisy Kelliher


Gary King, Daisy Kelliher, Colin Macrae.
Fred Jagueneau/Bravo (3)

Things just got way more complicated. Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans were in for a surprise after Gary King revealed how close he and Daisy Kelliher really got between filming seasons 3 and 4.

During a midseason trailer, which was released by Bravo on Monday, June 5, Daisy called out Gary for his jealous reaction to her hookup with Colin MacRae.

“You f—king could have had me a million times over and you didn’t want me. Now you can’t have me and now you f—king want me?” she asked in the sneak peek, seemingly referring to her season 3 makeout session with the first officer in the hot tub.


Gary King, Daisy Kelliher.
Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo

Gary, however, dropped a major bombshell when he admitted that the twosome got closer off screen, saying, “Having sex with you was f—king amazing.” In response, Daisy tried to get the New Zealand native to stop talking as she realized cameras captured the comment.

Later in the clip, Colin reacted in shock at the news of Daisy and Gary’s past. “The chemistry that they have and the way they look at each other — I thought it was all friends. It all makes sense now,” the engineer said in a confessional.

Amid the unexpected love triangle, the chief stew put Gary and Colin on blast for leaving her confused about her feelings. “There’s two of you in my head. Stop f—king with my head,” she told her costars. “I just want you both out of my f—king head.”

Daisy and Gary, who both joined the Below Deck spinoff in 2021, first sparked romance rumors after they shared a steamy moment while filming season 3. Since then, Gary has expressed interest in potentially exploring a romance with the Ireland native.

“I think if people watched season 2, they would realize I always had a soft spot for Daisy. I have always felt attracted to Daisy and it is quite weird speaking about this because she is sitting just over there,” he explained in June 2022 during a Below Deck reunion, which he filmed virtually in the same apartment as Daisy. “But I love Daisy. I love her as a person, I love her personality and I think she is a superstar and gorgeous at that.”

Daisy, for her part, questioned if Gary’s intentions were fueled by her season 4 connection with Colin.

“I definitely feel like he was jealous. I think the boys — at times it did feel like I was a trophy prize [for them]. I could be completely wrong but [the way they acted felt a] bit like an ego thing going on between the two of them,” she exclusively told Us Weekly in April about the love triangle. “And I was like, ‘OK, I don’t really want to be involved in this.’”


Colin Macrae, Gary King.
Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

The reality star continued: “I don’t know what’s going on [there] but at times that’s kind of what it felt like. So definitely Gary was jealous, but was he jealous just because he wasn’t the guy who was picked or was he jealous because he actually liked me? That I can’t answer.”

That same month, Gary hinted that he still had hope for him and Daisy. “I speak to Daisy quite a lot and the problem is we are always so far away from each other. Our lives are in very different stages at the moment, but I’m definitely keeping that door open,” he shared with Us. “You never know what could happen. I won’t say that it’s not gonna happen. There is definitely chemistry between us so I’m quite excited to see what the future holds.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs on Bravo Mondays at 8 p.m. Back to back episodes will begin airing on Monday, June 12 at 8 p.m.

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New Jersey revokes marijuana licenses over unpaid

New Jersey regulators revoked marijuana cultivation and manufacturing licenses from an operator in the state over unpaid fees.

According to NJBiz, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) voted 5-0 to revoke Harmony Foundation’s growing and manufacturing licenses because the company owes the state $700,000 in licensing fees.

The company, which operates the only adult-use dispensary in Hudson County, made a $100,000 payment toward its Class 5 retail license but has not paid for its Class 1 cultivation and Class 2 manufacturing permits, the business publication reported.

As part of the June 1 decision, Harmony can still sell recreational cannabis at its store in Secaucus but is required to purchase supply from other growers in the state.

Harmony CEO Shaya Brodchandel was surprised by the decision.

“If we had been notified that this action was being considered, we would have gladly explained that we are in complete compliance with the Feb. 15 agreement we reached with the CRC in terms of paying our license fees,” he told NJBIZ.

“The rash decision that was taken is an alarming wake up call to the New Jersey entrepreneurs that are seeking to work within the confines established by state regulators to further grow the cannabis industry.”

In April, the CRC renewed several marijuana licenses of Curaleaf Holdings after the agency reversed its decision that same month to deny license renewals for the New York-based multistate operator.

The denials of Curaleaf’s licenses came weeks after the MSO announced it was closing a cultivation facility in Bellmawr, New Jersey.

At the time, the CRC “cited the closure, along with the company’s clash with unionization and its lack of transparency with the state, as reasons for rejecting Curaleaf’s license renewal.”

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