Beto O’Rourke cusses at heckler during gun control talk

NOTE: Graphic language may be offensive.

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Texas Democrat and gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke continues to campaign on gun control, and on Wednesday night he fired off the ‘F-bomb’ at one person heard laughing during a town hall gathering in Mineral Wells.

While giving his thoughts on AR-15 rifles, laughter can be heard coming from another part of the room. O’Rourke turned sharply in the direction of the laughter and replied, “It may be funny to you, motherfucker, but it is not funny to me.”

O’Rourke supporters cheered the reply, and it is not exactly clear why the person was laughing, but it started while O’Rourke was talking specifically about the AR-15 rifle.

While at a similar event in Snyder in July, O’Rourke went through the same event – laughter during a gun control speech. In that instance, he replied, “Might be funny to you. It isn’t to me.”

O’Rourke is taking a trip around Texas over 49 days, and he has sometimes posted to social media some of his interactions with supporters of Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

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Snoop Dogg says he is working on new music with Dr. Dre

Snoop Dogg has confirmed he is working on new music with Dr. Dre for the first time in 30 years.

The pair reunited for the Super Bowl Halftime Show, alongside EminemKendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent earlier this year.

Now, the rapper confirmed on the red carpet at the LA premiere of his new movie, Day Shift, that the pair were working together again last night (August 10).

“We’re cooking up a little something,” he told ET Online. “I don’t wanna talk about it too much, but we’re back together again. It’s been 30 years since we worked on a record, and we’re doin’ something, we’re workin’ on something.”

Snoop featured on Dre’s debut solo single, ‘Deep Cover’ and 1992 LP ‘The Chronic’. The pair also teamed up on Dre’s 1999 album ‘2001’.

It comes after Dre recently said that he spent the last two years working on at least a dozen albums’ worth of material.

Snoop meanwhile also spoke about his recent collaboration with Benny Blanco and BTS‘Bad Decisions’.

“Hey, I just try to stay active,” Snoop said of the team up. “The youngsters, they reach out, they call me… I’m all about music. One thing about me, I don’t like being boxed in. I like being a part of every genre of music so when they reach out and call, I’ll usually say yeah.”

The new song features vocal contributions from Snoop and BTS’ JungkookJiminV and Jin.

It arrived last week alongside a video in which Blanco excitedly prepares for a BTS concert, baking them a cake and creating an elaborate heart collage. He arrives at the venue only to be informed he’s a day early.

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Environmental officer says New Jersey needs climate change plan

TOMS RIVER, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey’s top environmental officer says the state is not ready for the worsening effects of climate change and rising seas.

Testifying Thursday to a joint state Senate-Assembly panel on coastal issues, Shawn LaTourette, the commissioner of Environmental Protection, said New Jersey is not where it needs to be in the face of a warming planet and rising seas.

“We should all be alarmed,” he said. “We are not ready. But empowered by sound science, we can get ready. We have the power now to change this.”

LaTourette noted that the state is coming up on the anniversary of Hurricane Ida, which he said was responsible for 30 deaths in the state.

He said rainfall has increased over the last 23 years by between 2% to 10% in the state, with larger percentage increases forecasted for the near-term future.

“The Idas and the Sandys will come,” he said. “We need to plan for it.”

LaTourette said the state needs to combine engineered projects such as bulkheads, replenished beaches and other hard barriers with natural solutions, including restoring marshes and wetlands to absorb flood waters and blunt the force of storm waves.

In April 2021, the state proposed an ambitious resiliency plan aiming to incorporate the impacts of climate change and rising seas into all its major policy decisions in the near future and seeking to share the costs of protecting the state among all levels of government and the private sector.

The plan seeks to incentivize people to move from flood-prone areas to safer ones, help low-income communities who are least able to respond to the effects of climate change and seek new funding for resiliency measures.

LaTourette said conditions “will only get worse” in years to come, and that even if the state fully adopted nuclear, wind and solar power, it still would not offset the damage already done to the environment by past emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases.

“We could do all that tomorrow, and conditions still would get worse,” he said. “We have no choice but to become resilient. These alarming conditions are exactly what scientists and the DEP said were coming.”

Eric Olsen, director of conservation programs with The Nature Conservancy, called on the state to make a major push to restore salt marshes and wetlands.

“Increasing the health of New Jersey’s salt marshes will protect people’s homes by storing water, absorbing carbon and reducing wave action,” he said.

Raymond Cantor, vice president of government affairs at the New Jersey Business & Industry Association, said climate change and rising sea levels are real and are occurring now. But he also urged the elected officials not to go too far with proposed solutions.

“There is no need at this moment to retreat from the Jersey Shore,” he said.

Tom Fote of the Jersey Coast Anglers Association said warming ocean temperatures are negatively impacting fishing off the state’s coast, pushing cold-water species out and bringing in others that never used to be found this far north.

“We had a viable lobster industry, and we’ve seen that collapse,” he said. “We have a manatee that usually lives in Florida that makes a trip to New Jersey each year.”

LaTourette said the state, its residents and businesses need to summon “political courage” to address resiliency challenges that could take years to show benefits.

“If you hear urgency in my voice, it’s because we are not ready,” he said. “But we can be.”

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Foreign Minister: Joining the OECD is Bulgaria’s most Serious Integration Effort after the EU and NATO –

Bulgaria: Foreign Minister: Joining the OECD is Bulgaria's most Serious Integration Effort after the EU and NATO
Foreign Minister Nikolay Milkov

The accession of Bulgaria to the OECD is the most serious integration effort of our country after our admission to the EU and NATO”, said acting Foreign Minister Nikolay Milkov at a briefing in the Council of Ministers.

Earlier, before the start of the regular meeting of the cabinet, the caretaker prime minister announced that the decree for the preparation of our country’s membership in the organization will be adopted, after last week the government announced that it should prepare all the necessary documents.

This topic has always been a priority for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, now also for the caretaker government. Joining will affect all spheres of public life. The motto of the organization is ‘better policies for a better life’. Thus, we participate, if not in the club of the rich, then at least in the club of those who define the best practices on a global scale,” commented Milkov.

According to him, there are only a few areas that the OECD is not concerned with – these are usually defense and internal affairs.

The adopted decree is of a coordination nature and further develops the interdepartmental coordination mechanism established in 2017. Working groups are defined depending on the individual instruments and conventions of the organization.

On August 25, the first meeting will be held, at which the first tasks will be assigned. The goal is to prepare an initial version of the so-called initial memorandum, which we must work on and which is a response to the road map given to us, by the end of September on June 10 this year. The goal is to finalize it by the end of October and present it in November,” Minister Milkov pointed out.

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Indian Matchmaking Season 2 Cast: Bios and Instagram Handles

Season Two of “Indian Matchmaking” arrived on Netflix on Aug. 10 after a two-year-long break. The cast of Season Two features the return of old cast members, like Aparna Shewakramani, and new additions to the “Indian Matchmaking” family.

“The show is about people, about characters, that’s what keeps people watching,” creator Smriti Mundhra told TODAY. “I think what gets people’s hearts on the show and really invested is the characters. It’s the people and their journeys and their struggles and their backstories.”

Mundhra said the upcoming third season will be a blend of returning and new cast members.

Another figure is sure to return, too: Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia, who works to arrange marriages for South Asian clients throughout the world.

Taparia told TODAY she’s always had the ability to connect with people on a special level. “I want to help my community and my people — so when God gave me this unique quality, I said, ‘I can be a matchmaker.'”

Below, find a brief introduction to each of the cast members in Season Two of “Indian Matchmaking,” and what happens during their time on Season Two. We’ve included Instagrams for public-facing cast members.

Heads up: This post contains plot details for Season Two of “Indian Matchmaking.”

Aparna Shewakramani

Aparna Shewakramani in Season Two of “Indian Matchmaking.”Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Aparna Shewakramani returned to the cast in Season Two of “Indian Matchmaking,” though she decided not to work with Taparia again. She told TODAY the decision came down to a difference in values. “The tension was that I’m more progressive and I view partnerships as equal between a man and a woman if it’s a heterosexual woman,” she said.

In Season Two, Shewakramani continues her dating journey while adjusting to life in New York after leaving her job as a lawyer. Shewakramani is also the author of “She’s Unlikeable: And Other Lies That Bring Women Down.”

Does Aparna make a match? She goes on a blind date with a friend’s cousin, but their relationship is left open-ended.

How to follow Aparna on Instagram: @aparnashewakramani

Pradhyuman Maloo

Pradhyuman Maloo in “Indian Matchmaking”Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Pradhyuman Maloo, a jewelry designer based in Mumbai, made his return to the “Indian Matchmaking” cast.

Does Pradhyuman make a match? Yes! His return marked the first proposal and wedding in the series — though he did not meet his now-wife, Ashima, through Sima Taparia. Viewers get to see the couple’s extravagant Indian wedding.

How to follow Pradhyuman on Instagram: @pradhyum.m

Pradhyuman Maloo on his wedding day.Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Nadia Jagessar

Sima Aunty in Indian Matchmaking.
Nadia Jagessar hugs Taparia in a still from Season Two.Netflix

Nadia Jagessar was the third Season One primary cast member to make a second appearance in Season Two.

Does Nadia make a match? Jagessar picks up right where she left off with Shekar, though their relationship is complicated by her connection with another one of Taparia’s clients.

How to follow Nadia on Instagram: @nadiajagessar

Viral Joshi

Viral Joshi in Season Two of “Indian Matchmaking.”Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Viral Joshi of North Carolina joins the Season Two cast as a newcomer and is bound to go viral for her self-assuredness, clarity in what she wants and her conversation-starting first date.

Does Viral make a match? Joshi, from North Carolina clicks with Aashay in Season Two over a rock climbing date. She updated us on where their relationship stands. “We’re still in touch. Long distance has its nuances. We’re still trying to figure out what that looks like for us,” Joshi told TODAY. She continued to say, “He’s 100 percent of my checklist. The physical attraction is there, the chemistry is there.”

Shital Patel

Shital Patel in “Indian Matchmaking”Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Shital Patel joins “Indian Matchmaking” from New York City, where she said she’s worried she’s running out of time to find the right guy while she focuses on her career. Patel was previously on the Bravo reality show “In a Man’s World.”

Does Shital make a match? Patel goes on a date with one of Taparia’s clients, but she ends up developing a connection with a doctor she met independently.

Follow Shital on Instagram: @therealshitalpatel

Akshay Dhumal

Taparia and Dhumal in “Indian Matchmaking.”Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Akshay Dhumal knows that the criteria at the top of his list for a potential match is a love for chickens. Dhumal lives in Nashik, a village three hours outside of Mumbai, which he says is a turn-off for potential romantic matches.

Does Akshay make a match? Not on the show. There also may be more to Dhumal’s lack of luck than location — Taparia’s face reader has some thoughts on what may be contributing to his unlucky streak in the romance realm.

Arshneel Kochar

Arshneel in “Indian Matchmaking”Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Arshneel Kochar is a cardiologist based in Cleveland, Ohio. In a cast of mostly Hindus, Arshneel provided a glimpse into what dating is like for Sikhs, especially for those who choose to wear turbans. The doctor speaks on the intersections of religion and dating, along with a healthy amount of Taco Bell-related discourse.

Does Arshneel make a match? On the show, Kochar makes a connection with Rinkle, another client of Taparia’s. No word on where the relationship stands.

Arshneel and Rinkle in “Indian Matchmaking”Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Vinesh Vasanani

Vinesh in “Indian Matchmaking”Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Miami-based investment banker Vinesh Vasanani is looking for someone to match his style — or for a match found by his brother, since he connected his brother with his now sister-in-law.

Does Vinesh make a match? On the show, Vinesh goes on two dates, neither of which progress.

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Indian American Named As Acting White House Liaison at United States Department of Homeland Security

United States President Joe Biden named Amit Jani as the acting White House liaison at the US Department of Homeland Security, according to a report by Politico.

Indian American, Jani was the national Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) director for Biden’s presidential campaign and has worked with several lawmakers such as New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Senator Bob Menendez. He was also the Director of the Chief Information Officer action group at the Pentagon prior to his recent post atthe Homeland Security.

In 2019, Jani joined the Biden campaign as AAPI national director and left his post as the legislative liaison at the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

As a Jersey City resident, Jani also worked as an account executive for Vision Media Marketing, a political consulting firm. Having started out as a youth organizer, he served as an aide to Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. and as a member of the Hudson County Schools of Technology Board of Education.

In 2017, Jani went on to become the director of AAPI Outreach for Phil Murphy’s gubernatorial campaign. He also held the same position on US Senator Bob Menendez’s re-election campaign in 2018.

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DoubleTree by Hilton sets to welcome business travellers to i-City

KUALA LUMPUR: i-City Finance Avenue expects a monthly footfall of 30,000 business travellers by end-2022 following the opening of DoubleTree by Hilton Shah Alam i-City, according to I-Bhd chairman Tan Sri Lim Kim Hong.

“The synergy between i-City Finance Avenue and DoubleTree by Hilton i-City is a perfect marriage that will leave a positive impact to the Selangor Tourism industry.

“i-City Finance Avenue is currently the workplace for at least 10,000 knowledge workers from the financial services, e-commerce, and technology industries by 2023,” Lim said in a statement.

He added that the 300-room luxury hotel marks the expansion of Hilton’s award-winning brand into i-City Finance Avenue.

“This expansion underscores our commitment to continuously contribute to Selangor’s economy and further strengthen its tourism industry,” he said.

The hotel was officiated by Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, at i-City.

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Proposed EPA Rule to Limit Use of Atrazine

Last month, the EPA issued a proposed rule that would limit the use of atrazine. Atrazine is a common herbicide that is used to stop pre and post emergence broadleaf and grassy weeds in crops such as sorghum and corn. It is the second most widely used herbicide after glyphosate. Studies, including a 2007 study from the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, and a 2017 study from Weed Science, estimate that positive effect on corn yields have been anywhere from 1-8%. A 2014 article from Pest Management Science estimates that the positive effects on sorghum yields have been as high as 20%.

The proposed rules involve a level of aquatic level concentration of 3.4 parts per billion, as opposed to the current 15 parts per billion. The Missouri Farm Bureau has protested the new rules, saying these rules would dramatically impact atrazine use for over 70% of corn acres nationwide. They say that the EPA did not convene a Scientific Advisory Panel in making this decision, and that previous panels dismissed such a low level.

In the event of watersheds with concentrations exceeding 3.4 parts per billion, the EPA would recommend a combination of reduced application rates and runoff control measures, which the Farm Bureau says would also affect 90 other herbicide formulations. They say the estimated cost to replace atrazine would be $42 per acre due to replacement costs and yield loss due to decreased pest control

In September 2020, the Trump Administration announced it would be reapproving atrazine for the next 15 years. The Center for Biological Diversity and other public interest groups sued, saying the Trump Administration disregarded safeguards for children’s health, allowed more than 50% more atrazine to end up in US waterways, ignored recommendations from the National Academy of Sciences, and violated the Endangered Species Act. 

In November 2020, as the result of a court settlement, the EPA released an assessment finding that atrazine is likely to harm more than 1,000 of the nation’s endangered plants and animals. 

In November 2021, a followup assessment conducted by the EPA included a 64 page document describing the harmful effects of atrazine on plants, fish, birds, and mammals. The introduction reads in part, “In target pests (e.g., various weed species), atrazine has a mechanism of action of inhibiting photosynthesis in photosystem II (PSII). Triazine herbicides such as propazine bind with a protein complex of the Photosystem II in chloroplast photosynthetic membranes (Schulz et al., 1990). The result is an inhibition in the transfer of electrons through the light reactions of photosynthesis that in turn inhibits the formation and release of oxygen, production of adenosine triphosphate, and the fixation of carbon dioxide into sugars.”

“Atrazine is slightly toxic to birds and mammals and is practically non-toxic to terrestrial invertebrates on an acute exposure basis. In most terrestrial animal species, chronic effects are the predominant concern and are discussed further below. Based on the mechanism of action in target plants, i.e., disruption of photosynthesis, atrazine is toxic to most photoautotroph organisms including unicellular algae and flowering plants.”

“Atrazine is moderately toxic to freshwater and estuarine/marine fish, highly toxic to freshwater aquatic invertebrates and very highly toxic to estuarine/marine aquatic invertebrates on an acute exposure basis. Chronic exposure studies for freshwater and estuarine/marine fish, aquatic phase amphibians and aquatic invertebrates resulted in effects on survival, growth or reproduction.”

The EPA is accepting public comments on the proposed rule until October 7th.

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Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke drops ‘F-bomb’ in confrontation with heckler

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Democratic candidate for Texas governor, Beto O’Rourke, dropped an ‘F-Bomb’ this week during a passionate rebuttal of a protester at one of his campaign events.

“Now, 11 weeks since we lost 19 kids and their two teachers, shot to death with a weapon originally designed for use in combat,” O’Rourke said. “Legally purchased by an 18 year old who did try to obtain one when he was 16 or 17, but followed the law that’s on the books, ladies and gentlemen.”

At one point during his intense speech about the mass killing in Uvalde, along with his stance on gun control, a protester — who the O’Rourke campaign identified as a protester in support of opponent Texas Gov. Greg Abbott — laughed loudly.

“This individual is not in any way affiliated with [Abbott’s] campaign,” said Abbott’s Campaign Communication Director Mark Miner.

Regardless of who it was, O’Rourke whipped around, pointed at that man and said, “It may be funny to you motherf—-r, but it’s not funny to me, okay?” The crowd erupted in applause.

“When we think about the fall election, it’s all about turnout,” Brian Smith, a professor of political science at St. Edwards University, said. “So O’Rourke needs to find his voice if he’s going to beat Abbott. He’s trailing right now. He’s got to figure out a way to motivate his voters to come out and if cursing is working for him, then we might see more of it.”

It’s not the first time O’Rourke has cursed during campaign events, whether in relation to gun control, the media or other politicians. Smith said it’s a trend he’s seeing in politics — not just from O’Rourke, but others too.

“Sometimes it slips out,” he said. “So I don’t think it works like ‘oh, I’m going to use the F-bomb to try to get voters.’ I think it’s just in the heat of the moment. You use the word and sometimes, you know, in the heat of the moment, curse words are what we all resort to because they they have that effect.”

O’Rourke has advocated for reversing the state’s permitless carry law, pursuing red flag laws and banning AR-15-style weapons, among other gun control measures in the wake of the Uvalde shooting. It’s likely to be a pivotal part of his campaign as we move closer to the fall, but especially if the Texas power grid holds this summer, it won’t be enough to close the gap with Abbott, Smith said.

“He’s got to figure out in the next three months, what else does Beto O’Rourke bring to the table? If it’s just swearing and gun control, that’s not going to be enough to defeat Governor Abbott,” he said.

In the wake of the Uvalde shooting, despite immense pressure from Democrats to call a special session on gun control, Abbott pointed instead to improving Texas’ mental health system and lack of resources.

“Do we expect laws to come out of this devastating crime? The answer is absolutely yes. And there will be laws in multiple different subject areas. For example, I do fully expect to have every law that we pass in the aftermath of the Santa Fe shooting to be completely revisited,” Abbott has previously said.

As far as O’Rourke’s outburst, Abbott’s communications director did not comment, except to clarify the person in the crowd was not associated with the governor’s campaign.

“I think he’s just going to let this one go and say, when he runs his ads, just talking about ‘I am Greg Abbott, and here are my qualifications,’” Smith said.

Meanwhile, O’Rourke’s staff is leaning into his fiery, now viral, remarks.

“There’s nothing funny about 19 kids being shot to death in their classrooms, and there’s nothing okay about refusing to act so it doesn’t happen again,” said Chris Evans, communications director for O’Rourke.

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