Dusk Music Festival kicks off this weekend

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Music rips through the heart of downtown Tucson as the annual Dusk Music Festival begins this weekend. Hundreds of people, bands and businesses pack into the area near Joel D. Valdez Main Library.

“It’s such a release,” Aaron Lindsey, one of the festival goers, said. “It’s not every day that you get to stand in front of a stage with like minded people who like the same music.”

If there’s a music festival somewhere, Lindsey said he’s there. He said he’s looking forward to Dusk and all the different bands that are performing there.

“This is more of a mixed vibe, you get music from all different genres,” he said.

For Aaron Hise and his son Aaden, they were invited by a friend to film a live art exhibit and they had a chance to walk around the festival, a perfect way to celebrate Aaden’s birthday.

“People told me a lot of this lights up so it’s really cool,” Hise said. “He gets the awesome distinguishment of being a vip at an awesome show.”

But it doesn’t just impact people’s ears. Local business owners like the Kenneth Foy, the chef at Daunte’s Fire, said it’s a great way to grow their restaurant and connect with the community.

“Last year we made 10 thousand dollars in two days so it’s impactful,” he said. “We have tons of comfort food that’s perfect for this time of year.”

Dusk will continue through Saturday, November 12th at 11pm.



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