A great music town — get up and dance!

The Chico Area Music Scene knows few boundaries. It is all over the scale. Any music lover can find their particular style on many occasions and in multiple venues in town and the surrounding towns. For the past two years I’ve been fortunate to write about numerous bands, venues, styles, and individual musicians. There are just too many to name! Rock, punk, fusion, jazz, metal, funk, hip hop, rap, to big band and philharmonic music. This area has the sound and the locations.

If you know music in Chico, you also know the crossover musicians who play in multiple groups. Some people play in three or sometimes four different bands. One thing that stands out is the mutual respect musicians have for each other; they are an extremely supportive group. Chico showcases a lengthy musical history from the Spark ‘n Cinder and Butte Creek Family Band of the 1970s and beyond to new young groups like Blu Egyptian. in between there’s an insanity of different groups.

No matter what genre it’s out there. You have the Paradise Symphony on one hand and Smokey the Groove on the other. There are simply too many to include.

And anyone who plays music in Chico knows Ken Pordes, prominent photographer who’s shot every local band since the 1980s. He’s a photo-shooting library of information and energy. He knows the people and he knows the music.

My recommendation is to get off your butt and put on your boogie shoes and get out there and move. And even if you attend a performance and sit there, let your mind move.

— Tim Milhorn


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