Ha Ha Bus Episode 8: Release Date, Preview & How

It is not only K-Dramas or K-Pop that has been creating sensations in the entertainment world globally, but Korean reality shows have also presented the great potential to captivate and entertain a wide variety of audiences through their versatile, engaging, and humorous content. 

Ha Ha Bus is a travel program that launched on the ENA network, debuting on 4th April 2023. This reality show is a well-planned yet non-scripted program where the popular German-born South Korean presenter, anchor, and comedian Ha Ha’s family travels the entire country in a bus exploring, eating delicacies, and making merry memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

This family TV show is a great stress buster as the Ha Ha family goes on short and long tours on their bus, meeting new people, then playing games, solving puzzles, and crossing challenges. It is a tummy-tickler that is sure to leave you in stitches and with a warm, fuzzy heart due to the cute antics of the three children and the romance of the infamous lovebirds Ha Ha and Byul.

Ha Ha Bus Episode 8
Ha Ha Bus- Episode still (Credits: Viki)

This show was begun as a healing show to capture the journey of Ha Ha and Byul’s daughter Song who was suffering from a rare, fatal disease and fortunately overcame it to a full recovery. To allow the now healthy kid to experience all that she may have missed, her entire family comes together to create many unforgettable memories.

Ha Ha Bus- Premise of The Show

Ha Ha Bus stars the entire family of the famous entertainer, presenter, and actor Ha Dong Hoon, better known as Ha Ha, including his wife, Kim Go Eun, and their kids.

Kim Go Eun goes by the stage name Byul and is a South Korean solo singer. The couple is quite famous in the entertainment circle as well as among their fans. Along with them on the journey of the Ha Ha bus are their three kids- Dream (eldest son), Soul (second son), and Song (youngest daughter).

Ha Ha is most well-known for his comedy series, ‘Nonstop’, and for being a host on famous variety shows like ‘Infinite Challenge’ (MBC) and ‘Running Man‘ (SBS).

Ha Ha Bus episode 8
Ha Ha Bus- Ha Dong Hoon a.k.a Ha Ha (credits: allkpop.com)

The multi-talented celebrity Ha Ha has produced his show Ha Ha Bus to present the real side and fun life of his family before viewers on Korean television. This travel program is dedicated to his youngest daughter, who recently recovered from the rare Guillain-Barré syndrome. Suffering from such a terrible illness at Song’s tender age definitely left an impact on the innocent young girl and her family members. It is a great relief to hear about her full recovery. 

As a celebration and to make up for the lost time, Ha Ha decided to take his whole family across the country on a long trip via a bus venturing across the country and exploring the best family-friendly places in South Korea.

The program also guest stars various popular celebrities and friends of the Ha Ha family. In the heart-warming setting, the family will be seen performing household chores and dividing tasks, playing games, and engaging in deep, sentimental conversations. It is a truly healing, slice-of-life show that will take the viewers on a journey of discovery and contentedness.

Ha Ha Bus Episode 8
Ha Ha Bus- The Ha Ha family (credits: ENA)

The adorable kids will definitely win your heart over, and the humorous interactions and fun adventures will glue you to your screens. Ha Ha Bus is set to air ten episodes, and one new episode gets released every Tuesday. 

Ha Ha Bus Episode 8: Release Date

Ha Ha Bus’s latest new episode, 8, is going to release on 23rd May 2023 Tuesday at 8:30 pm (KST). The following list shares the brand new episode’s release schedule for the below-mentioned countries:

  • For viewers in Canada: 7:30 am EST on Tuesday, May 23rd.
  • For viewers in India: 5:00 pm IST on Tuesday, May 23rd.
  • For viewers in Australia: 9:30 pm AEST on Tuesday, May 23rd.
  • For viewers in the Philippines: 7:30 pm PHT on Tuesday, May 23rd.
  • For viewers in Japan: 8:30 pm JST on Tuesday, May 23rd.
  • For viewers in Britain: 12:30 pm UTC on Tuesday, May 23rd..
  • For viewers in China: 7:30 pm BJT on Tuesday, May 23rd.

Ha Ha Bus Episode 8: Where To catch the latest Episode?

Ha Ha Bus airs on ENA and K-STAR network channels in South Korea at the previously mentioned date-time schedule. Along with this, the show is also available to view on Rakuten Viki though not in all regions. 

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