Bianca Belair On Building Her Legacy, Daughter

Bianca Belair recently weighed in on working alongside her husband Montez Ford, their daughter wanting to wrestle and more. Belair spoke with People promoting their upcoming Hulu reality series, and you can see a few highlights below:

On her busy schedule now: “I’m building my legacy right now. It’s special and not anything like what I would have imagined when I first started wrestling. It’s very busy, very demanding, but at the same time I get to bring my family along with me and we’re having fun.”

On Ford and herself being the same out of the ring as in: “I’m a busy body. As far as my husband? Who you get in the ring is who I get at home. He’s bouncing around, yelling and screaming. That’s him at seven o’clock in the morning. He’s a human being that’s just full of so much joy.”

On their reality show: “It’s really the most fun-filled, positive show that’s just focused on us and our relationship.”

On their daughter having wrestling aspirations: “It’s really cool. I used to hear her say it a lot but I thought it was just a phase. Then one day I asked her, what do you want to be when you grow up? And she kind of looked at me like…’Um, I want to be a wrestler?!’ ”

On being able to work alongside her husband: “I’m blessed to do what I love with the person I love. My husband, we travel together, we work together, we are together all the time. We’re just best friends.”

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