‘The Family Stallone’ gives new spin on celeb

It seems as if Sylvester Stallone has never been more popular, popping up in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol,.3,” starring in the hit “Yellowstone” spin-off series “Tulsa King,” coming soon in “Expendables 4” and now, his first reality series “The Family Stallone” on Paramount+.

“I’ve probably been on the road 60 percent of my life,” Stallone, 76, announces in the first episode.  “I looked around, my daughters are grown. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend some serious time with them?

“Where, “he added with a laugh, “they couldn’t escape? They had to be with me.”

Married to Jennifer Flavin Stallone, their three daughters are: Sophia, at 26 the oldest, “My dad raised us as military brats. You get up, you do 10 push-ups.”

Sistine, 24, the middle child says, “My dad is over protective and quite intimidating.”

And Scarlet, 20, rates as the wild card, “the funniest person ever.”

Jennifer says, “We don’t live in a normal world. But when we’re all together, getting dinner, it feels like home.”

“The first time I met her,” Sly testifies, “I felt the earth move. I knew this was someone unique and special.  And 35 years later I was right.”

With Dad away so often, it’s Mom who’s been the disciplinarian, coach, confidant.  She has always been fiercely protective of their privacy.  How does that square with this look inside her family?

“They’re adults,” she said in a group interview from Manhattan’s Park Lane Hotel.  “They each make the decision that they want to be a part of it. I knew that.

“We just did a great job raising them and I felt like this would be a really interesting reality show. They’ve been raised in this unusual world. They’re super famous but they’ve been raised in a very normal upbringing, where everything was normal.

“So now that they’re adults, we’re able to open our doors and let people see what we’re really like behind the scenes. So far, everybody’s super excited about it.”

It was the daughters’ podcast that spun off into this “Family” reality series.  Does this mean they are all anticipating showbiz careers now? Are we going to see them on “Tulsa King”?

“Scarlet I think is the only one that’s going to be on ‘Tulsa King,’” Sophia said.  “In terms of showbiz careers, it’s something – I’m going to speak for myself right now — we are all really interested in. Because we grew up knowing that world, we studied that world. It’s pretty much in our eye-line all the time.

“So it just makes sense to be in this business — and we thoroughly enjoy it.”

“The Family Stallone” streams on Paramount+

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