Makhadzi’s No-Show Ignites Controversy: Promoter

Makhadzi’s No-Show Ignites Controversy: Promoter Declares ‘She Must Just Kiss Her Music Career Goodbye’ 

Multi-award winning musician, Makhadzi, finds herself at the center of yet another no-show controversy. The talented artist’s failure to appear at a highly anticipated event has sparked a firestorm of criticism, with an angry promoter unleashing scathing remarks.

According to Zimoja Lezinto, Makhadzi was scheduled to perform at the Exclusive White Lifestyle event held at Dries Niemandt Park in Kempton Park on 30 April. Event organizer Greg Hlatswayo claims that the singer was paid a substantial amount of R80,000 for her appearance as the headlining and closing act.

However, much to the disappointment of fans and organizers alike, Makhadzi failed to show up at the event.

Makhadzi's No-Show Ignites Controversy
Makhadzi’s No-Show Ignites Controversy[Image: Instagram/@makhadzisa]

Hlatswayo alleges that Makhadzi was paid half of her booking fee in January and the remaining balance in April, only to leave attendees high and dry.

The promoter further revealed that instead of arriving on time, Makhadzi sent a text message requesting additional time. Granting her request, the organizers patiently waited, but to their dismay, another message arrived an hour later, stating that the singer was two hours away. However, despite the reassurance, Makhadzi failed to show up, leaving organizers and fans disappointed and frustrated.

The promoter, whose frustration reached its peak, didn’t hold back in expressing his sentiments. With a mixture of anger and disappointment, the promoter declared;

“Remember that Makhadzi was also late for the Metro FM Music Awards in Mbombela. She claimed to be stuck in traffic. At the rate she is going, she must just kiss her music career goodbye because music promoters are going to get gatvol. She thinks she is not irreplaceable. It’s only a matter of time before she sees her shows drying up.”

Concerns are mounting that repeated incidents of tardiness and no-shows may have a detrimental impact on her music career, as event organizers may grow weary of such behavior.

Makhadzi’s Contractual Dispute and Allegations of Exploitation

While Makhadzi grapples with the fallout from the recent no-show controversy, she also finds herself entangled in a heated contractual dispute with Open Mic Productions. Last week, the singer publicly announced her departure from the record label, claiming that she had been exploited and unpaid for her work.

Makhadzi alleges that despite having released three to four albums under Open Mic, she has not received a single cent in payment. Moreover, she stated that she never received a copy of her contract, raising questions about the nature of her agreement with the record label.

However, Open Mic Productions contests Makhadzi’s attempt to sever ties, arguing that she is bound by an auto-renewal clause in her contract. The label maintains that her departure is not valid and insists on her continued commitment.

As the contractual dispute unfolds, Makhadzi’s no-show controversy only adds fuel to the fire.


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