Crucial meeting on source apportionment study held

The Delhi government on Monday said it held a roundtable conference to discuss the findings of a real-time source apportionment study on air pollution and develop a strategy to further improve air quality in the city and the National Capital Region.

The “Save Environment Roundtable Conference” took place at the Delhi Secretariat on Monday and was attended by representatives from Commission for Air Quality Management, Central Pollution Control Board, SAFAR, United Nations Environment Programme, India Meteorological Department, World Bank, Centre for Science and Environment, The Energy and Resources Institute, and NCR states.

“We shared the data collected during the source apportionment study over the past six months with the participants, sought their suggestions and prepared a strategy to further reduce air pollution in Delhi-NCR,” Rai said.

The ultimate goal is to devise policies at local and regional levels to enhance the air quality in Delhi, he said.

Real-time source apportionment (RTSA) studies help identify factors responsible for an increase in air pollution at any spot, such as vehicles, dust, biomass burning, and emissions from industries, so that preventive measures can be taken accordingly.

Rai said orders have been issued to install mobile air quality monitoring vans at 13 air pollution hotspots in Delhi to ascertain the contribution of different pollution sources in real time.

“Thanks to the RTSA study, air quality can now be assessed and analysed on a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal basis, enabling the government to promptly address sudden increases in pollution levels. The monitoring of pollutants such as PM2.5, NO2, NOx, CO, SO2, ozone, secondary inorganic and organic aerosols has become more streamlined and precise,” the minister said.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had launched the real-time source apportionment study as a crucial component of the action plan to fight air pollution in the winter season.

Delhi is the first in the country to achieve this feat.

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