Is Raquel Leviss In A Mental Health Facility? Why

There’s no denying that the “Scandoval” affair between Raquel Leviss and her “Vanderpump Rules” costar Tom Sandoval is messy beyond belief. A woman’s longtime partner cheating on her with her best friend? The good old-fashioned man-and-his-secretary dalliance would be less unseemly.

Accordingly, Leviss has become something of a pariah since the news broke as an angry backlash to the affair has erupted among “VPR” fans. But recent rumors and developments make it seem like the uproar may be taking a dangerous toll, and it might be time to ask if the backlash toward Raquel Leviss has gone too far.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Raquel Leviss is reportedly in a mental health facility.

A range of rumors about Leviss’s whereabouts have circulated with Sandoval himself claiming she’s been pushed to check into a mental health facility amid the scandal, her own team has suggested the facility stay was planned even before the scandal broke and — according to rumors circulating on DeuxMoi — fellow “VPR” castmate Tom Schwartz has been out and about claiming that people close to her “are concerned about her harming herself.” 

All the while, fans have accused Leviss of staging the whole thing for attention or even claimed that she’s actually hiding out at the ultra-posh Miraval resort in Arizona, living a life of spa treatments and massages.

Putting aside the cruel implication that someone would fake a mental health crisis, one thing is clear — Raquel Leviss is shutting herself off from the outside world and sometimes when someone needs a break, we should give them one.

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