DROY Sauce Gardner reveals secret Jets recruitment

Sauce Gardner, the 2022 Defensive Rookie of the Year and First Team All-Pro member, recently revealed in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s June 2023 issue that Odell Beckham Jr. could have been his teammate on the New York Jets.

Gardner shared that Beckham Jr. expressed interest in playing for the Jets and even picked out his jersey number, saying, “He was telling me, like, ‘Hey, ask so-and-so if I can get the jersey [number I want].’ He was going to wear number 7.”

Beckham Jr. ultimately signed a one-year, $15 million deal to play with Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens, but he was on the Jets’ wish list before joining the Ravens. Gardner’s pitch with Aaron Rodgers has been well-documented, and it started before Rodgers announced his intention to play for the Jets on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

Gardner tried to ask Rodgers a question, which he forgot, and then re-shared a text exchange between him and Rodgers, wherein he showed the cheesehead he got during Week 6 of the 2022 season. Gardner promised to burn the item if Rodgers joined the Jets, which he did follow through on.

Sauce Gardner’s recruiting skills could have made the Jets a playoff contender if they had successfully convinced Beckham Jr. to join the team. Gardner’s ability to recruit big names could lead to more success for the Jets in the future.

Jets want to end his long postseason drought

Beckham Jr. previously wore the number three jersey when he played for the Los Angeles Rams and won Super Bowl LVI with the squad. However, he suffered an ACL injury, which kept him out of the game for the 2022 season. Gardner could have been instrumental in bringing him to the Jets, where he would have played alongside Rodgers and possibly helped the team break their 12-year postseason drought.

In Gardner’s words, “If they succeed in 2023, who knows who else he can still bring to The Big Apple?” With his recruiting skills, anything is possible.

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