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Whoopi Goldberg got feisty with her co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin during a heated discussion about gun control on The View May 8.

Tension flared between the two co-hosts as they reflected on the tragic mass shooting in Allen, Texas, that killed eight people. All of The View hosts shared thoughts about the harrowing ordeal, but the former Trump aide seemed hesitant when it came time for Griffin to speak on the issue.


Appearing annoyed and frustrated with her Republican co-host, Goldberg snapped at Griffin to give her 2 cents on the issue.

“Spit it out!” the actress shouted as The View’s commercial break music began to play. But Griffin awkwardly tried to avoid sharing her thoughts on the mass shooting. She felt her schpiel was “too long” to get out before the show cut to a commercial.

Still, the 67-year-old didn’t back down.

“Spit it out!” Goldberg urged again.

“Well, I was just gonna say– well, we’ll come back,” Griffin began before changing her mind.

“No, spit it out,” the Sister Act star beckoned again.

Looking flustered and frustrated, the former CNN correspondent said, “Don’t worry, it’s too long to explain, so.”

Fed up with the 33-year-old’s antics, Goldberg called for producers to send the show to a commercial break.

As the camera began to transition, the Hollywood veteran shook her head and could be heard saying under her breath, “We’ll do it another day. The actress’s co-host, Ana Navarro, seemed annoyed with the former White House official.

“There’ll be another shooting,” the political strategist said as she flashed an irritated look at Goldberg in solidarity.

“Yeah,” the actress responded.

After the show aired, social media reacted to the tense on-air moment.

“Alyssa is weird. And what was she even going to say?” one Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user claimed Goldberg had “zero class” for cutting off her co-host during the fiery segment.

“Whoopi easily in top 10 horrible people in TV,” the naysayer added.

This isn’t the first time that the two View co-hosts have been odds.

On May 2, Goldberg and Griffin sent petty shots at one another after the group began discussing the hit Bravo TV show Vanderpump Rules.

Unamused by the segment, Goldberg stared dead into the camera and told viewers, “Another reminder we don’t have any writers. Which is why we’re kind of forced to talk about Vanderpump Rules.

She said as she began introducing the topic while referencing the Writer’s Strike currently impacting Hollywood.

Then, the 67-year-old threw the show over to Griffin to lead the segment.

“I’m gonna just throw [this] over to Alyssa because I don’t care.”

Griffin happily agreed to lead the segment, emphasizing to Goldberg that she had “got it” from there.

Watch the awkward moment below.

Things are getting pretty weird over at The View. 

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