Women Officers Of The Territorial Army Can Now Get

Women officers from the Territorial Army (TA) have been authorised by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to serve in the engineer regiments along the Line of Control.

The Defence Ministry stated on Sunday (7 May) that women officers have been additionally appointed as staff officers at the TA group headquarters and directorate general in New Delhi, in accordance with organisational needs.

In 2019, women officers were commissioned into the ecological task force, TA oil sector, and railway engineer units of the Territorial Army.

The Defence Ministry said that due to the gained experience over this period, TA will expand employment for women officers.

TA officers receive annual training in basic military skills while maintaining employment in civilian life, following a citizen-soldier army model.

The new policy aims to provide greater job opportunities to women officers and help fulfill their career goals.

Women officers will now work and train under the same circumstances as men officers in various units and appointments, according to the Ministry.

The Department of Military Affairs has given its nod to new cadre management provisions for women officers in the TA.

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