MTV Movie & TV Awards 2023: Internet mocks Pedro

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Pedro Pascal wins the Best Hero at the 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards for the role of Joel Miller in ‘The Last Of Us’. Thanking the 77.5 million people who voted this year, Pedro took home the golden popcorn for Best Hero.


With the live show canceled over the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, the winner’s pre-taped clip was presented after Pedro’s winning announcement. ‘The Mandalorian’ star was seen wearing a yellow Lakers t-shirt while he recorded himself thanking the fans for voting. Fans have seen Pedro wearing the same t-shirt several times, prompting many to mock his choice of outfit.


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Pedro Pascal claims ‘I am a child of MTV’ as he wins Best Hero award

Pedro was named the Best Hero at the pre-taped MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday. After the winning announcement a clip was played where the actor says, “I am a child of MTV. I grew up on MTV, so this means the absolute world to me.” While holding his popcorn trophy, he claimed, “The people at MTV told me that 77.5 million people voted this year, which blows my mind and just makes it such an honor.”

He then went on to address the WGA strike in his speech. Pedro stated, “I wish we could all be together, so I could look into your eyes and tell you that all the young people of the world are my heroes and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. When I say you deserve a world that serves your interest, you deserve to be healthy, you deserve to be safe, you deserve for your individual rights to be fought for and protected. You deserve real heroes in this world because you are real heroes to me.” Pedro ended his speech by saying, “I love you” and “thank you” to his fans.


Internet mocks Pedro Pascal’s love for Lakers t-shirt

Pedro has a love for Lakers t-shirt and it has now been pretty evident. Seeing the actor wear the same t-shirt in his winning speech, a user tweeted, “I want someone to love me just as much as Pedro Pascal loves that Lakers shirt.” Another made fun of the actor by uploading a t-shirt photo with a lot of holes in it, claiming, “Pedro pascal’s yellow lakers shirt after he wears it for the 1,498th time…” Another joked, “Look up what pedro pascal wore to the met gala.” Furthermore, a user tweeted, “Pedro Pascal wearing a Lakers shirt for the #MTVAwards idk if that makes me like him more or less lol.” A user uploaded the video of a cartoon character shopping shirts from the same section saying, “Pedro pascal when he sees a yellow lakers t shirt at the store.”







Pedro Pascal also wins Best Duo for ‘The Last Of Us’

Pedro bagged another award at MTV Awards 2023 for Best Duo with Bella Ramsey for ‘The Last Of Us’. Holding two golden popcorn awards, the star claimed, “Bella if you want your golden popcorn you have to come and get it, the way I can see you again. I miss you. I love you.” He added, “You are the Duo, you are me, i am you, we are we.” The actor then thanked MTV and the fans. Being overwhelmed with the win, Pedro added, “Gosh, It feels like there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for you because of how much you embrace and show.” He ended his video by saying, “I wish Bella and I were together.” 


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