Charli D’Amelio: Fan favorite TikToker’s singing

Charli D’Amelio, the TikTok sensation, was destined for a career in music with her massive fan following and the musical talents of those around her. Her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, and friend, LILHUDDY, are both musicians, making it even more natural for Charli to venture into the music industry.


Charli D’Amelio released her single ‘If You Ask Me To’ in October 2022 and confessed that she was in the recording studio a few times to work on the vocals. She went on to say that it was a pleasant experience because she had control over the process.


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Charli D’Amelio’s music career

In Season 2 of ‘The D’Amelio Show,’ Charli D’Amelio expressed her interest in pursuing a career in music. She spoke throughout the season about her desire to release music, and in the second episode, she talked about her reservations about making music earlier.



Charli revealed during her confessional that she had been toying with the idea of singing for some time. However, she was hesitant to take it seriously because she did not want to interfere with her sister Dixie’s music career. Charli admitted that Dixie was doing her own thing and that it was unfair to her to hold back on her dreams because others were already doing it. While she wants to keep her music plans under wraps for now, she admitted that she is done limiting herself and is looking forward to exploring new opportunities.


Charli D’Amelio took her first step into the music industry in October 2022 with her single ‘If You Ask Me To.’ She shared her long-standing love for music and performance. However, she was hesitant to get serious about music at first because there were so many new singers in the industry.



Charli’s father encouraged her to try singing as a hobby, which led to her beginning to make recordings. With each session, Charli’s love for the process grew, and she became more and more proud of the music they were making. ‘If You Ask Me To’ was one of the first songs they wrote and recorded, and it quickly became Charli’s favorite.


Why did Charli D’Amelio keep her singing career a secret from Dixie?

Charli D’Amelio expressed her concerns to her parents, Heidi and Marc D’Amelio, regarding the potential drawbacks of signing a contract for her singing career. She emphasized that if she ends up disliking it, she does not want to be obligated to produce content that does not align with her preferences or attend the studio against her will. “Sometimes we just want to do things because we enjoy doing them. So, I feel like keeping it quiet is the right choice to make,” she explained.


While Marc did not object to keeping Charli’s music career a secret, Heidi disagreed and made it clear that she believed it was necessary to tell Dixie about it.


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