Before joining the Cannes Film Festival 2023,

LED Jumbotron, Viking Sunset Studios

Videotron LED Jumbotron

Before joining the 76th Edition Cannes Film Festival May 16-27, 2023, Viking Sunset Studios lights up Bali with its new super-bright LED Video Wall

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, May 7, 2023/ — Viking Sunset Studios, located in Sanur, Bali, is making waves in the film industry with its new super-bright LED Video Wall. As they prepare to attend the Cannes Film Festival, the studio has unveiled a large LED Jumbotron outside their offices. The video wall will not only promote their own studio videos but also provide clients with time slots to showcase their content. Viking Sunset Studios is known for producing professional commercials for large hotels in Bali using top-of-the-line equipment, such as the ARRI Mini LF camera from Hollywood, in their soundproof studio equipped with a green screen and the latest technologies.

The studio has already gained recognition with one of their short films titled “Death In Bali: A Joyful Celebration” being accepted into the Cannes Film Festival Short Corner. Now, Viking Sunset Studios can display their films and commercials on the LED video wall located on the main street in Bali, allowing a wider audience to appreciate their work.

Viking Sunset Studios has established itself as the premier destination for domestic and international movie making in Bali. Their three-story building in Sanur serves as the headquarters, housing a green screen sound stage and state-of-the-art equipment for professional movie production. Additionally, the studio is constructing new facilities in beautiful beach surroundings, offering breathtaking natural backdrops like rice terraces, volcanoes, rivers, cliffs with caves and temples, ancient castles, and year-round ocean sunsets.

The upcoming self-contained studio resort aims to create a movie village that caters to the needs of filmmakers. The resort features a 1,200 sqm studio stage specifically designed for green screen setups, allowing for the creation of stunning visual effects. Furthermore, the luxurious studio and beach accommodations will provide 24-hour security and isolation options for stars and crew. Viking Sunset Studios aims to provide a paradise for moviemaking, where creativity can flourish.

Already, the studio has attracted professional film and commercial makers who seek both scenic beauty and efficient shooting locations. In their current studio building in Sanur, they offer a 27 sqm green screen inside a soundproof studio, using the ARRI Mini LF camera and powerful Apple Mac Studio equipment for editing. On the beachfront studio land, they are constructing backlots with dramatic ocean backdrops.

Viking Sunset Studios also boasts the “Bali Movie Cave,” a glass-walled enclosure on their rooftop. This creative brainstorm and meeting room provides a picturesque view of Sanur and its numerous five-star hotels, making it a favorite destination for celebrities and stars.

Bo H. Holmgreen, the owner and CEO of Viking Sunset Studios, expressed his enthusiasm for making Bali a preferred destination for filmmakers. He believes that Bali has been overlooked for too long, with movie production being drawn to places like Thailand and Jakarta. By combining the talent and beauty of Bali with modern equipment and soundproof studios, Viking Sunset Studios aims to create an attractive and cost-effective option for international filmmakers.

They also aim to support and develop local talents, contributing to the growth of the Indonesian film industry.

In addition to their film projects, Viking Sunset Studios actively supports charitable causes. They recently promoted the Food Rescue charity Scholars Of Sustenance (SOS) on their LED video wall. Viking Sunset Studios encourages everyone to donate to SOS, which has distributed millions of meals in Bali, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the executive producer of upcoming films and a strong advocate for the potential of Bali’s film industry, Mr. Holmgreen is excited about the possibilities. Viking Sunset Studios has partnered with the Balinale Film Festival and is committed to supporting local movie creativity. They firmly believe that Bali is the new hub for creating great movies.

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