More than 100 cats rescued from home in Brick

BRICK TOWNSHIP, N.J. — More than 100 cats need new families after they were rescued from a New Jersey home. 

By midday Friday, at least 115 cats and three dogs were removed from the home on Montaloking Road in Brick Township. 

“That’s too many for anybody. I love cats, I love dogs. But I could never. That’s just too many for everybody,” said Angel Andryszewski, a resident of Brick Township. 

The animals were said to be healthy, overall. But animal control officials said there were far too many in the home to be cared for properly. 

Thursday night, animal control got a call from one of the residents saying they were ready to turn over a large number of cats. 

Officers wore hazmat suits and masks, for sanitary reasons, to help with what were described as horrible odors. Aside from the smell, officials said the conditions inside were not that bad. 

A neighbor defended the pets’ owners. 

“I feel like it’s going to get all misconstrued. But they just wanted to help animals that don’t have a place to go or were mistreated,” said Nadia Barry, who lives across the street. 

Barry said her neighbors have good hearts and just couldn’t turn away an animal in need.

Now, those animals get a second chance. 

“Because they saved them, and they could have been killed or put in a kill shelter. But there was no ill intentions,” said Barry. 

Police said they are investigating the case. 

The cats and dogs were taken to multiple Ocean County animal shelters, where they will be checked by a veterinarian and eventually put up for adoption. 

Click here for information about adopting the animals in this story.

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