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The shooting of Hampton police officer Kenny Wallace offered another horrible reminder that gun violence isn’t a plague that affects only other communities. The violence is right here.

* In Newport News, police said a woman was shot to death in her home during a domestic argument.

* Comedian Garrett Morris was shot during a robbery attempt in Los Angeles. He is expected to recover.

* Authorities trying to enter an apartment in Salt Lake City in search of a suspect were fired upon by a parolee who was inside. One deputy was killed and another was wounded. When a SWAT team entered the apartment, they found the parolee had killed himself.

* Two employees of a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant were found shot to death in Fort Worth, Texas.

* In Bartow, Fla., four teen-age boys were charged with fatally shooting an ice cream vendor they were trying to rob.

* A rookie police officer was shot to death when she and other officers answered a call to a Los Angeles home. The officers were fired upon as soon as they arrived. More shots were heard inside the home and police later found the man believed to be the gunman and another man, both dead.

* Three teen-agers robbed members of a Miami-area church during an evening Bible class. A teen-age girl was shot and wounded in the back.

* Two teen-agers have been charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a car salesman who had taken them on a test drive in Chesterfield County outside Richmond.

Guns are too easy to get. Gun control can help reduce the level of violence in society.

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