Below deck, I am a performing artist on a cruise

An international CRUISE ship actor has shared his experience of working and living on an overseas voyage.

Abigail Hill, acrobat performs at Oasis Of the Seas, an Royal Caribbean vessel.

A cruise ship performer has revealed what it's like to work on a Royal Caribbean vessel


The cruise ship performers have revealed their experiences working on Royal Caribbean shipsAlamy
Abigail Hill has been working on board cruise ships for nine years


Abigail Hill is a cruise ship worker who has spent nine years onboard.Royal Caribbean

Abigail first started performing on Celebrity Cruises Then, it’s on to Royal Caribbean Allure Of the Seas.

Other Royal Caribbean ships, including Harmony of the Seas, have also featured her.

Sun Online Travel quoted her as saying: gymnastics When I was younger it was drama that I experienced. Dance “I found my way to the industry.”

Abigail started auditioning for cruise ships while studying dance.

Abigail, who has spent nine years on cruise ships working as a crew member, is well versed in the nuances of the industry. Lifestyle It is a must to know what it means to live on and work at sea.

She replied: “I wake up early in the morning, and my friends and me go to the beach if the port is at that time.

After a few more hours we return to the ship, and get ready for the evening show. It’s an amazing life.

Abigail will take her friends for a stroll and they’ll have coffee aboard the ship, if it isn’t docked in a port.

She has also met a variety of people, from different walks of life.

“I enjoy that I can meet different nationalities and people and get to know different people,” she said.

Abigail claims that her work as an acrobat has given her friends around the globe.

Abigail’s work has allowed her to travel to many far-flung locations.

She said: “Everywhere I’ve gone is incredible.” Alaska is my favorite place to visit. I love going to the beach.

“I couldn’t believe how hot it was, and I was amazed by the breathtaking views. It was something that I had never seen before.

It’s another reminder there is so much to see and experience in the world.

She added: “Aside that, I love to be able perform.”

Abigail was able to develop her own routines, performances and dances in recent years and she loved performing on the water. Theatre Royal Caribbean Cruises:

Abigail’s advice for other musicians who are thinking of life at sea: “Don’t be afraid to try everything and push yourself, because you must really want it.”

Acrobats also shared advice for holidaymakers that are content to relax aboard.

She said: “Check the weather before going and don’t guess at a temperature.

On a cruise in Alaska I expected it to be cold, but instead it was really hot.

Some of my family came to visit me, but they were dressed for the wrong climate.

Along with the correct clothing, she also suggested bringing along a quality sun cream.

She misses her two dogs George and Ollie, despite living the life of her dreams.

Abigail isn’t the only person who lives on a cruise ship, Rachael Hudson plays Pixel in The Effectors II: Crash ‘n’ Burn on board Royal Caribbean’s Wonder Of the Seas. 

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The singer is happiest when her show days are busy and she lives on a cruise ship.

Another cruise ship entertainer revealed that she felt “blessed,” as she was paid for spending her days relaxing by the pool or playing drinking games.

Abigail performs acrobatics for the evening performances


Abigail is performing acrobatics at the evening performanceRoyal Caribbean
Abigail encourages holidaymakers to check the weather forecast before they travel


Abigail advises travellers to check weather conditions before travellingThe Credit Card Handout

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