Sonia Jesus reacts to ‘envious and bad guys’

Unable to remain indifferent to the negative messages she usually receives on social networks, Sonia Jesus, former contestant of ‘Big Brother’, responded exclusively to these barbs.

Have an active presence on social media Sonya Jesus You end up experiencing both the positive side and the more negative component of these platforms. That is, both receive praise from followers and have to face more important messages.

EXCLUSIVELY TO SELFIE, the former “Big Brother” contestant told us how she reacts to words that sometimes become insulting.

“I feel like people are envious and mean. I think people only like it when we live badly. So, when I get these negative messages, and I turn them around, people only get worse,” he begins.

“I end up handling it pretty well. I move on, because no one cares if my kids have a plate of food—thank God, they do. All they care about is criticism, insults….” That, even because I get more love than hate,” he added.

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