Aaron Rodgers Trade Sees NY Jets Super Bowl Odds

Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets is official, and the 4x MVP made his value immediately evident as the team’s Super Bowl odds surged. The Jets are now the sixth most probable teams to hoist the Lombardy Trophy according to the most recent NFL odds offerings. Available at +1400, New York sits tied with the Dallas Cowboys and behind the Chiefs (+600), Eagles (+875), Bills (+950), Bengals +950) and 49ers (+1000).

While the formal announcement came this week, sportsbooks had anticipated the move months ago and made the proper adjustments to minimize exposure.

“We took a more proactive approach and already had our odds set for months assuming Rodgers would go to Jets,” shared BetOnline sportsbook manager Adam Burns. “So once the news was announced that the trade was in fact complete, there was no real shakeup in odds on our end. They were 12-1 and stayed 12-1.”

“However, no one seems to really be backing them,” Burns added. “After the Draft, the Jets have drifted to 14-1, so maybe we over compensated. But these odds should stay pretty stable until season starts.”

Any path requires a Divisional Title or a Wild Card just to make it into the post season, and bettors know that winning the AFC East would require the Jets to best the Buffalo Bills. An AFC Conference title would require them to advance past both the Bills and the Bengals.

Naturally oddsmakers favor the Bills to clinch the division at +140, followed by the Jets at +230, Dolphins at +290, and the Patriots at +700.

We could see some regression in Buffalo this year, as the team has been unable to find a reliable third receiving option to support Diggs and Davis. An ACL injury to defensive anchor Von Miller will also see the Bills’ pass rush take a step back.

New York is in a prime position to make some noise in the division this season. Their defense ranked 4th in the league in both points and yards allowed, and the team has plenty of offensive weapons that were underutilized in the Zach Wilson era.

The Jets Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner took home offensive and defensive rookie of the year honors respectively, and this ripe crop of talent will do well under the guidance of a veteran quarterback.

While Rodgers was names the 2021 NFL MVP, his 2022 campaign was underwhelming at best. There is and was plenty of finger pointing as to the root of these issues, but one cannot discount the inevitable impact that age has on any player in the league.

Having his season cut short could be a blessing in disguise for the veteran, and Jets fans hope to see a motivated, rested Rodgers look to mimic Brady’s move to Tampa Bay with a swan song performance.

It is equally as probable that we see an unmotivated, frustrated quarterback well past his prime trying to force magic with a new team. Never one to hide his emotions, this move could also implode well before it even begins.

Rodgers did show flashes of brilliance late last season, and its clear that he can still lead and make plays when necessary. I like taking a flyer here with the Jets to win the division over a Buffalo team that has a few questions of their own to answer.

In regards to their Super Bowl chances? While I love the storyline, it would require too many best-case scenarios for this to play out in a way that ses Rodgers end his career on the highest note possible.

Super Bowl Betting Odds Via BetOnline.AG

  • Kansas City Chiefs +600
  • Philadelphia Eagles +875
  • Buffalo Bills +950
  • Cincinnati Bengals +950
  • San Francisco 49ers +1000
  • Dallas Cowboys +1400
  • New York Jets +1400
  • Miami Dolphins +1600
  • Baltimore Ravens +1800
  • Detroit Lions +2500
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +2500
  • Los Angeles Chargers +2500
  • Cleveland Browns +4500
  • Denver Broncos +4500
  • Minnesota Vikings +4500
  • Seattle Seahawks +4500
  • Green Bay Packers +5000
  • Las Vegas Raiders +5000
  • New England Patriots +5000
  • New Orleans Saints +5000
  • New York Giants +5000
  • Carolina Panthers +6600
  • Chicago Bears +6600
  • Los Angeles Rams +6600
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +6600
  • Atlanta Falcons +7500
  • Tennessee Titans +8000
  • Washington Commanders +8000
  • Houston Texans +10000
  • Indianapolis Colts +10000
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +12500
  • Arizona Cardinals +15000

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