Who is Miley Cyrus’ alleged alter-ego Clara Pierce whose music has been pulled from Spotify?

Miley Cyrus apparently has an alter-ego named Clara Pierce – at least fans are convinced that this is the case.

Fans believe that Miley Cyrus secretly released music on music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music, using the alter-ego named Clara Pierce.

What is this all about? Read on to know more!

Who is Clara Pierce?

Social media speculations claim that there exists an artist named Clara Pierce who sounds exactly like Miley Cyrus. On March 10, 2023 – the same day that Cyrus dropped her last LP Endless Summer Vacation, another album named Down With Me was also released on music streaming apps like Apple Music and Spotify. Fans noted that the vocals on this album sounded just like the Hannah Montana’s star.

Down With Me consisted of 12 tracks including songs like I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, Hands of Time, Right Hand Man, and Not My Vibe. Fans now think that Miley released her previously-unreleased songs using the pseudonym, Clara Pierce.

One song titled ‘Sagittarius’ could imply Miley’s zodiac sign. On the other hand, tracks, like I Will Never Get Hurt Again and At Least I Can Say I Tried, could be about her much-publicised divorce from Liam Hemsworth. Another song on the album called has the line ‘I am my mother’s daughter’ and ‘Mother’s Daughter was a track on Miley Cyrus’ 2019 EP I Am Coming.

Fans question if Clara Pierce is Miley Cyrus

Fans can hardly keep calm after discovering the similarities and parallels between Clara Pierce’s album Down With Me and Miley Cyrus’ life and voice.

“I really need Miley Cyrus to explain why there is an entire album on Spotify called Down with Me under the artist name Clara Pierce that was released on the same day as Endless Summer Vacation that is oh so clearly her voice,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

However, some other fans suggested that this might be Artificial Intelligence at work. Another person opined that the person behind all the songs is a certain Willian Cordeiro, who is credited as the songwriter on all these songs.

Another theory is that a fan of Cyrus just compiled her leaked unreleased songs and released them on streaming sites.

The Clara Pierce music has been now pulled from sites like Spotify and Apple Music.

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