Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Alyssa Farah Griffin During Heated Gun Control Debate on “The View”

During a heated discussion about gun control on this morning’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg quickly refuted Alyssa Farah Griffin’s assertions that the left does not care about mental health.

The topic was raised during a Hot Topics session in which the panel reviewed the most recent mass shooting at Michigan State University, which left three students dead and five others injured earlier this week. Griffin, who maintained her previous stance that she feels “safer owning a gun,” provided her perspective on how the nation may address gun violence in the future.

She stated, “This is a two-fold problem, and I believe we must address both of them.” “Obtaining a firearm is too easy for those who wish to commit a crime. Uncontested. Background checks and red flag legislation are insufficient in preventing violent crime.

Griffin then emphasized the “crisis of young men” in America, noting that mass shooters “almost always” fit the same description: guys between the ages of fifteen and forty who are solitary, sad, socially isolated, etc.

“Guns are clearly a part of the problem. However, I am concerned that both the left and the right carry some responsibility in this regard,” she stated. The left will not touch the mental health aspect, and the right will not touch the firearms aspect.

Goldberg instantly corrected her co-host, stating, “That is not accurate.”

Sunny Hostin agreed with the moderator and added, “Let’s stop blaming mental health. People with mental illness are considerably more likely to be the victim of a crime in a shooting than the perpetrator,” Griffin responded. “A person who shoots up Sandy Hook is not sane.”

The former White House employee, who joined the panel full-time at the beginning of the current season, argued that she does not stigmatize mental health.

She stated, “As someone who struggles with anxiety, I always emphasize the significance of destigmatizing mental health. But it is impossible to separate the criminal from the crime.”

ABC airs The View weekdays at 11 p.m. / 10 p.m. Watch the segment from this morning in the video above.


»Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Alyssa Farah Griffin During Heated Gun Control Debate on “The View”«

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