New Jersey’s Best Hole in the Wall Mexican Restaurant Looks Great

One of my favorite types of cooking is “Mexican” food. I find the spice and the types of dishes they have to be absolutely delicious. I am a big fan of “rice and beans” so with that as a very common side, I’m off to a good start and Dave Ramsey would be proud of me! I was just recently out to dinner, Mexican, and one of my new favs is “chorizo” which is basically Mexican sausage. If you have never had chorizo, and you like sausage, give it a try I love it. Chorizo and “flautus” are a new favorite dish of mine.
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According to Statista, “According to a survey carried out in 2018, Mexican cuisine registered high levels of popularity among U.S. residents. Around 86 percent of respondents in the United States reported liking the typical food from that Latin American country. Mexican cuisine also ranked high in the Philippines, Norway, and Finland, with the preference of at least eight every ten survey respondents. Out of the 23 listed countries, only three had a share of respondents who liked Mexican food lower than 50 percent.” Jessica Tan Jessica Tan


When it comes to New Jersey’s “Best Hole In The Wall” Mexican restaurant, Cheapism sends us down south to Cape May County. According to Cheapism’s ranking of the best “hole in the wall” Mexican restaurants, Jersey’s pick is El Pueblo Taqueria in North Cape May.




Have you ever tried? They have two locations now in South Jersey. I have never visited, but it’s on my list now. Give us your review if you have visited El Pueblo Taqueria, and post your comments below.

If you have a personal favorite “Mexican” place share it with us to try out, always up for visiting good local eateries.


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