High expectations for Eagles’ Super Bowl LVII economic impact

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It may take some time to get over the Eagles’ crushing loss in the Super Bowl but there is still a lot to be proud of. The Birds not only gave us something to cheer for but the team helped provide a major boost for many businesses.

From hotels to bars, bakeries, and restaurants, all kinds of businesses across the area saw a boost in sales because of the Birds.

Tourism officials say during Red October, the Phillies helped bring in $78 million for the local economy and they expect the Eagles helped generate millions as well.

“Heartbroken,” Michael Morgan said. “Very heartbroken.”

Across the city, Eagles fans are still feeling the sorrow and the sting after losing the Super Bowl.

“I didn’t watch anything, I didn’t listen to the radio in the car, I just sat by myself and didn’t think about it,” Mischa Arnosky said. “It bums me out but got to move forward now.”

“Sad that they lost,” Bob Fisher said. “Brought a lot of joy and fun to the city over the last few weeks. We saw so much of an influx of customers coming in.”

The Birds not only united fans they also helped many businesses after a tough three years.

At Molly Malloy’s Kitchen & Bar inside the Reading Terminal Market, the manager says sales soared during the NFC championship weekend and the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl.

“People wanted to be out to watch the Eagles, the sense of community that it brought, nobody wanted to sit and watch it alone,” Fisher said.

Bars were packed, many hotel rooms were booked and the Reading Terminal Market says it saw more people walking through the door over the last few weeks.

According to Visit Philly, the tourism marketing agency for the city, there are early indicators that the Eagles helped provide a big push for the local economy.

“When we look at hotel occupancy rates for January we are already 64% higher than we were last year,” Neil Frauenglass said. “We expect to see lift from this weekend that we otherwise wouldn’t have seen with this game.”

“The fans came out to support the team and we got lucky that they wanted to have a drink and a sandwich while they were doing so, so they definitely helped bring in business,” Fisher said.

Visit Philly says it’s still reviewing the data and expects to have official numbers on the total economic impact later this week.

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