Grand Stafford Theater is hoping to uplift local musicians

A new music entrepreneurship course at Texas A&M and an official recording studio is expanding the theaters reach.

BRYAN, Texas — The Grand Stafford Theater has been a staple in the music community for generations, helping showcase a wide range of local talent. 

Now it is expanding its reach with two new music ventures: An official recording studio and a new music entrepreneurship course at Texas A&M. 

Grand Stafford Theater General Manager Rob Hitchcock explained, “In terms of being able to deliver a major label quality product for the kinds of artists and musicians, anything that you need, the highest quality audio for something you take very seriously, there just simply wasn’t a resource here in the area to cover that.”

The recording studio is already being put into practice by local groups like Breakaway Ministries.

The music entrepreneurship course at A&M will teach them the essential skills they need to make it in the industry.

AdventGX President Jose Quintana added, “It’s not just about the talent that you have to develop as a musician and an artist, you really have to look at strategy as if you are your own business owner to some extent. There are also legal implications, marketing and even a little bit of finance and just getting the right team members to support you through that journey is very important.”

Through the creation of South Main Recordings and the music entrepreneurship course, Quintana and Hitchcock hope to uplift the underrated music scene in the area. 

Hitchcock described his vision for the future, “We’re trying to make a music scene that’s so special that people actually migrate here for the music and make this a hub for artistic development and in terms of the local bands and local music, there are only a few heavy hitters here that take it really really seriously, that do the marketing really well that are very talented that have potential and that’s why we have the record label to facilitate that talent, but also my hope is to continue developing these projects and these bands and these artists and teach them the ways, so that they can all become financially viable in the music business.”

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