New Jersey’s Best “Under The Radar” Restaurant

Nobody needs to tell you that we have great restaurants all over New Jersey, and a lot of them get a ton of attention. But are you missing one of the best Garden State eateries because it’s flying under the radar?

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

So many amazing restaurants in New Jersey get the love and attention they deserve. There are great ones north and south, and inland and along the Jersey Shore, and we love them all.

One of the great hobbies here in New Jersey, which might just be the eating capital of the world is to try to get to as many of these great restaurants as we can, but you can’t go to a restaurant that you haven’t heard about yet.

Photo by Matteo Steger on Unsplash

Photo by Matteo Steger on Unsplash

That’s why it’s so important that all the foodies out there share any great food findings they uncover with all of us, and that is exactly what Cheapism did in their search for the best “under the radar” restaurant in each state.

The fun thing about New Jersey is that we all have that one restaurant that we think is our little secret, and we want to keep it that way. So did these experts reveal your best-kept little secret?

If your favorite “under the radar” restaurant is in  Jersey City, then your secret might be in jeopardy.

The great place they chose is called Taqueria Downtown, and they rave about their pork tacos. And after this honor, we guess their reign as the best “under the radar restaurant in New Jersey is over. we all know about them now.

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