Disaster researchers examine social vulnerability, environmental impacts

The historic earthquake in Turkey and Syria presents a myriad of challenges, including freezing temperatures that slow rescue attempts in areas still recovering from war. Tricia Wachtendorf, Director of the world-renown Disaster Research Center at the University of Delaware, is one of several experts in the center who can discuss those and other major issues, including social vulnerability and the fact that the earthquake is a transnational crisis. She can also talk about disaster relief (donations) and volunteer efforts.

Other experts in UD’s Disaster Research Center include:

Rachel Davidson: Conducts research on natural disaster risk modeling and civil infrastructure systems. She looks at lifelines (e.g., electric power, water supply) and risk from a regional perspective during and after hurricanes and earthquakes.

James Kendra: Disaster response, nursing homes and hospitals, volunteers, response coordination.

Jennifer Horney: Environmental impacts of disasters and potential public health impacts for chronic and infectious diseases.

Sarah DeYoung: Infant feeding in disasters.

Jennifer Trivedi: Challenges for people with disabilities during disaster, cultural issues and long-term recovery.

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