Crypto Market Left Out Of Super Bowl LVII

  • Super Bowl LVI had the participation of large crypto companies as part of its advertisers, however for its LVII edition, firms focused on cryptocurrencies have had to withdraw.
  • Of the four crypto firms that had announcements last year, FTX completely crashed, while Coinbase,, and eToro have all faced a series of headwinds due to the bear period.

A phrase says that “to remember is to live again” and it is enough to remember not too much, last year, when one of the sporting events with the greatest fervor, the super bowlwas attended by large crypto firms, which had important advertising spaces in the great event.

It was all part of the great sports party, when a year ago, the Los Angeles Rams faced the Cincinnati Bengals in the LVI edition of Super Bowl, which was accompanied by numerous announcements from various crypto asset exchange houses. , of which today some do not even exist, such as FTX.

A year without Crypto Bowl

But after a difficult 2022, a lot has changed in the digital crypto environment in just one year, as all that elegance, confidence in the crypto world and financial splurge in advertisements that featured various celebrities, has been left behind, after the crypto industry suffered a collapse in the values ​​of digital assets, along with a series of bankruptcies that began to stack up like dominoes throughout the year.

Therefore, it is very likely that there will not be much agitation from Team Crypto during Super Bowl LVII next Sunday.

Although it can be said that 2022 was the Crypto Bowl for companies like, FTX and Coinbase, this 2023 looks very different, since a few days after the Eagles vs. Chiefs confrontation, the specialized medium Sports Business Journal He noted that while the now-defunct FTX and other crypto firms have acquired Super Bowl LVII banner ads, they have all pulled out.

According to Sports Business, ad sales for this Super Bowl were slower than in previous years, one of the main reasons being the already well-known and scandalous collapse of FTX and other crypto companies, which had bought several advertising spaces before time.

It should be noted that FTX did, in fact, commit to a 60-second ad, something that obviously won’t happen anymore. Likewise, vSeveral crypto companies acquired around five ad slots in the game last year.

In this regard, the company Fox had sold several slots to crypto companies that simply had to pull out. For their part, some other anonymous advertisers had to retract their ads due to a series of problems in the supply chain.

Therefore, according to Mark Evans, EVP/Sales of Fox Sports, for the edition of this Super Bowl it is expected that various companies recognized by the audience will present their products during the game.

You’re going to see the telecommunications companies you expect and the salty snacks and the packaged goods and the cars you expect.yes,” he said. “Youall the usual advertisers are there”, except of course, cryptocurrencies.

The beginning of the end

To make clearer the absence of advertising presence in this Super Bowl, it is enough to briefly analyze the situation of the cryptomarket.

Of the four crypto firms that had announcements last year, one (FTX) completely collapsed, while the other three players (Coinbase,, and eToro) have faced a series of headwinds due to the bear period. of the digital crypto market.

For its part, shares of Coinbase, the only publicly traded company in the group, have fallen more than 60 percent since its “floating QR code” ad became one of the most talked about.

It is apparent then that FTX will not be returning this year, as it is currently bankrupt and under criminal investigation. For its part, E-toro confirmed to the specialized media CNNwhich will not spend money on an ad this year and said that while it continues to invest heavily in marketing, “we move specific channels up or down based on many factors, including market conditions.

For its part, Coinbase has refused to give any statement in this regard, while representatives of did not respond to requests for comment.

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