Fraser Olender takes aim at Captain Sandy Yawn and Rachel Hargrove amid Below Deck drama

Fraser Olender on Below Deck Season 10
Fraser’s standing up for himself amid Below Deck on-screen chaos. Pic credit: Bravo

Fraser Olender has taken aim at Captain Sandy Yawn and chef Rachel Hargrove as the Below Deck Season 10 drama heats up.

Camille Lamb may be gone from the interior crew, but it’s still not smooth sailing for the service team.

Captain Sandy has had it with the interior team, even publicity declaring Fraser has a lot to learn about being a chief stew.

Ahead of last night’s episode, Fraser shed more light on his relationship with Captain Sandy after recently showing his appreciation for Captain Lee Rosbach.

One Below Deck fan tweeted that it felt like Captain Sandy really “might hate” Fraser, and it caught his attention.

“Not you’re spot on, wait until next episode,” was his response.

Fraser thinks Captain Sandy hates him tweet.
Pic credit: @hmrtime/Twitter

That was just the beginning of what Fraser had to say about the captain and chef as the most recent episode played out.

Fraser Olender stands up for himself against Captain Sandy Yawn

As Below Deck was airing, Fraser took to Twitter to live tweet about what was going down on the show. The chief stew didn’t hold back from defending himself or his team.

“Not really sure of this week’s edit to be very honest… We felt great, no stress, no one frazzled, everything under control, all smiles  – aside from the bad energy from chef and Cap, we were gold!” he wrote.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum Gabriela Barragan chimed on that tweet, referring to the editing as “classic mix & match.”

Gabriela’s reply earned more insight from Fraser, who claimed that aside from a captain who wasn’t a fan of his and food not being ready on time, “there were no issues.” He alluded to there being “insecurities elsewhere.”

The remark had Gabriela agreeing and commenting on it being hard to watch.

Fraser and Gabby Tweets
Pic credit: @FraserOlender/Instagram

The chief further stated in a separate tweet the challenges of taking constructive criticism from someone who doesn’t like you.

“Never easy taking ‘constructive criticism’ from someone who isn’t kind to you – you can’t help but wonder whether it’s genuine guidance or designed to break you,” he shared.

Fraser talks criticism in tweet.
Pic credit: @FraserOlender/Twitter

Fraser didn’t indicate if he was talking about Captain Sandy or Rachel, but he did have words about the chef too. It turns out they didn’t have the same kind of relationship on Season 10 as they did on Season 9.

Below Deck’s Fraser Olender takes aim at chef Rachel Hargrove

A comment from Fraser about chef Rachel on a recent TikTok of his got the attention of one Twitter user before last night’s episode hit Bravo airwaves.

The user shared a screengrab of one Below Deck fan declaring that Hayley, Fraser, and Rachel need to come back for another season. It also had Fraser’s reply, which was, “Rachel is evil this season, you don’t want her back – you’ll see,” he wrote.

Fraser TikTok response about Rachel
Pic credit: @ariepatts/Twitter

Although the TikTok remains up, as does the comment about Rachel, Hayley, and Fraser returning, his reply appears to have been deleted.

Fraser also got another little jab at Rachel when Gabriela tweeted that there were snacks in the bar, with the chief stew responding, “Haha same!”

BDS Gabriela live tweets BD Season 10
Pic credit: @SailingGabriela/Twitter

Below Deck viewers will recall Rachel was not happy with Alissa Humber for not having adequate snacks for the guests as the chef requested.

The mid-season trailer teased the drama was just getting started for Below Deck Season 10, and that was no joke. Fraser Olender has shared his opinion on the most recent episode, taking aim at Captain Sandy Yawn and Rachel Hargrove.

There’s plenty of the season still to play out, including the return of Captain Lee Rosbach, which will no doubt change the tension-filled dynamic for sure.

Are you Team Fraser, Team Captain Sandy, or Team Rachel?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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