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Balkan Reprisal

Jeff Fischer

Jeff Fischer

Jeffrey Fischer confirms a 30% increase in social media followers after comments on Ukraine and Serbia.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2023 / — Jeffrey Fischer, electronic warfare expert and renowned author of two thriller novels, says his social media following has significantly increased due to his most recent op-ed. The impact on Fischer’s social media has been exceptional, as seen by a staggering 30% rise in Twitter followers in just three days, he says. According to Fischer, his recent comments on Serbia have generated much discussion on Kosovo and the Balkans. This caused Parliament Member Ramush Haradinaj to retweet his article. Fischer says he was also given a television interview by Kosovo news, Klan Kosova’s Rita Mujku. His recent success is also in conjunction with an op-ed in Kyiv Post on the war.

Fischer is a retired United States Air Force Colonel and the author of two action-packed thriller novels, “The Balkan Reprisal” and “Live Range.” Linda Thompson, the host of The Authors Show, interviewed Fischer and says he was a fascinating and enjoyable guest on the show. His fast-paced- novel “The Balkan Reprisal” contains influences from the author’s time in the Air Force and The U.S. Diplomatic Corps. Thompson says, “Balkan Reprisal is a book that will capture you in page 1 and won’t let go, even after you’ve reached the end.”

Adding to his long list of superlative accomplishments, Fischer is also a recognized authority on matters pertaining to electromagnetic spectrum management during the crisis resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Fischer says his goal is to gain exposure to his two fiction thrillers. Aside from the rise in popularity of his books, Fischer’s agenda is also motivated by his frustration with the Balkan diplomatic impasse, which has lasted for more than two decades. In his opinion piece published in The Defense Post, Fischer urges NATO and other Western nations to approach Serbia differently. Fischer says that new strategies, such as ending the term administrative boundary line (ABL) and instead implementing the term border, will be used to refer to the boundary. According to The Defense Post, Fischer says, “ABL was crafted over two decades ago as a bargaining chip to secure peace. The term served its purpose but is no longer relevant.”

Fischer also commented on the conflict in Ukraine, outlining the issues and potential remedies to help Ukraine gain air superiority. According to the Kyiv Post, Fischer says, “The idea of leasing an air force to Ukraine could potentially solve several current challenges on the issue of military support. And some discussions appear to have reportedly taken place.”

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