3 Phillies players who’ll be better in 2023, and 2 who won’t


Nick Castellanos, Philadelphia Phillies. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

These three Philadelphia Phillies players will have a better year in 2023 while these two others will look a little bit worse.

Despite several players underperforming in 2023, the Philadelphia Phillies found themselves two wins away from a championship. The core remains the same with the addition of Trea Turner as the most significant to the roster.

The Phillies will hold out hope that several key players will have a better year in 2023. They can cross their fingers until their knuckles turn blue. It won’t stop a few others who won’t get any better and may even regress.

It’s these three Phillies we should expect to be better in 2023 and this other pair to not quite play up to the same level they did for the team in 2022.

Why Phillies slugger Nick Castellanos will have a better year in 2023

The simplest reasoning as to why Nick Castellanos will have a better year for the Phillies: could he really be much worse?

After a fantastic final year with the Cincinnati Reds in 2021 featuring 38 doubles, 34 home runs, and 100 RBI all while slashing .309/.362/.576, Castellanos struggled mightily in Philadelphia. He finished year one in Philly with 27 doubles, 13 home runs, 62 RBI and an unflattering .263/.305/.389 batting line.

The only expectation Castellanos lived up to was his reputation as a poor defender. He gave them a valiant effort as the starting right fielder in lieu of Bryce Harper who spent most of the year as the DH when healthy. Giving him more games as the DH won’t necessarily make a difference, but it can’t hurt to let him focus a little more on his offense than worrying about his glove.

Sinking statistics across the board from Castellanos didn’t stop the Phillies from competing throughout the year. Imagine if he’s anything closer to what he was in the past. Even if all he does is give them a .276/.326/.475 performance and 24 home runs, which he has averaged per 162 games in his career, Phillies fans will suddenly be a lot more thankful to have this righty in the middle of the lineup.

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