New music from Subwoolfer, MARO, We Are Domi and more

The Eurovision 2023 season is beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New Music From Eurovision Artists: 2023 | Week 5

Subwoolfer – “Worst Kept Secret”

The secret is out! A year after they were chosen to represent Norway at Eurovision 2022, Subwoolfer have finally revealed who are behind the masks. It’s none other than Ben Adams (member of boyband A1) and Gaute Ormåsen (Norwegian Idol runner-up and MGP alum). Many fans and media outlets had pinned Ben and Gaute as the possible duo, so it became the “Worst Kept Secret”. But the wolftastic pair have given us one final song to bring this mystery to a close.

 Loïc Nottet – “Danser”

Once again, Loïc proves that he is an incredible singer and an incredible dancer. “Dancer” represents  liberation through music and dance. In his new music video, the Belgian superstar teams up with 20 other dancers for an epic show-stopping performance. “So I often tried, tried/ For the dream (…)”. The dance becomes a tool that gives hope and helps Loïc cope with the madness of the world. 

Miki Núñez & Paula Koops – “La Mitad”

An uplifting and adorable love songs comes from this featuring between Miki and Paula. This song comes at a perfect timing for the international celebration of love, Valentine’s Day. The musical chemistry between the two artists is beyond words. The aesthetic music video captures perfectly the butterflies and the bubbly emotions of a first encounter with a significant one. This song will put a smile on your face for sure.


MARO, Dario Barroso & Pau Figueres – “oxalá”

MARO starts a new chapter this year with a brand-new album, “hortelã”. Her new song “oxalá” will feature on her new album. In this new acoustic track, MARO opens her heart to the audience, singing in her native language Portugeuse. The song presents the hopes, hardships and longing present in a long-distance relationship: “I know that there might be no tomorrow, so let’s live now what it has to be / And think of me tonight, I know I’m far away but I count the days to see you.” She embraces the longing with hopes by saying: “Keep me close until I arrive/ I hope you’ll say you feel the same.”


AISEL – “Yağış”

Get ready for a sentimental journey with AISEL’s new touching ballad. In this new Azerbaijani-language track accompanied by a cinematic music video, AISEL conveys deep emotions, using rain as a metaphor for tears. She describes the feelings of being deceived and disappointed by the one she loved: “You are a part of my broken heart/ How quickly everything happened, it was all a lie/ You are the most beautiful voice of my emotions/ Every one of the flowers you gave has faded.”


LOBODA – “По-Українськи”

The Anti-Crisis girl is back. In her new track, LOBODA sends a message of encouragement to the Ukrainian people, reminding them of their incredible power. Some traditional elements like flutes can be heard on the instrumental. The artwork and design of the new single reflects Ukraine as a heroine, still staying strong against the oppressions. “Never forgive, never forget/ They attacked so sneakily, and we don’t back down/ Because the spirit of freedom is in every cell/ We will meet each of you in Ukrainian.” 


Bermudu Divstūris & Dvines – “Dakteris DRE” 

The best time for a summer bop is…always! So, if you miss summer vibes here’s the perfect song for you. Bermudu Divsturis & Dvines team up on “Dakteris DRE” for two and a half minutes of sunshine-filled goodness. This song is exactly what we needed without even knowing, something to keep our souls warm and to make us dance despite the cold weather. 

Rosa López – “Si en Ávila Estás”

Spain’s Eurovision 2002 star Rosa López is an ambassador of Ávila, a Spanish city northwest of Madrid. Her new song is a promotional track for the city, released in collaboration with the city council. This is a very catchy touristic song that will certainly make you want to visit Spain. The music video features the most beautiful places in Ávila, highlighting the history and the culture of the Spanish city. Rosa is the guide of this whole musical journey. 


Loukas Yorkas & George Theofanous – “S’ Efharisto”

Longing for an authentic Greek ballad? Your wait is over. Loukas and George team up for “S’Efharisto”, featured on the soundtrack of Greek drama series Mavro Rodo. The drama presents the story of a young nun who has to return home when the monastery was destroyed in an earthquake. The song brings captures the drama of the show, sharing the challenges faced by the main character while she has to chose between love and monastic life. 


Eric Papilaya – “Butterflies”

“Butterflies” is a soulful and uplifting song. The lyrics of this song speak about holding on to a good feeling and not letting go, about keeping lucky. As described by the artist, “it’s a message to people to have a good feeling about the coming summer”. The song “Butterflies” features on a single with the same name that also includes the song “Getting Pretty Loose”. 


Hayko – “Kyanqov”

A post-mortem release from Hayko. “Kyanqov” a beautiful Armenian ballad, packed with emotions and incredible vocals — which we’ll always remember. One thing is for sure: Hayko’s spirit lives on through his music.


We Are Domi – “Paradise”

We Are Domi are back with a masterful slice of electro-pop. “Close your eyes and let the moment rewind / Until you realise / This must be paradise.” Lead singer Dominika confessed that “Paradise” might be her favourite song that they recorded as a band.  As always, We Are Domi bring a high energy with their music. 

 Ben Cristovao & Majk Spirit – “SPIDERMAN”

Ben Cristovao, who represented Czech Republic in 2020 and 2021 under the stage name Benny Cristo, joined hands with Majk Spirit — a Czech rapper and a member of the band H16. Actually, “SPIDERMAN” appears on Ben Cristovao’s album PROTENKONTRAST released in July 2022, but now the two artists released a music video of this song. If you are looking for a rap-hip-hop song, this is the perfect pick. The song’s message is about the prevention of suicide, encouraging people to hold tight because every path can be changed. 



NAVIBAND continues to show their support to Ukraine in their new collaboration with the Ukrainian singer TAYANNA. In their new Ukrainian-Belarusian track, they sing “Run don’t listen to anyone/ Shout out, I’m giving it my all.” The song is a liberation of emotions and the unity between people helping each other is expressed by the metaphor “So that our trees intertwine into one.” 

Connect-R & Johny Romano – “Dincolo De Ea”

The Romanian artist returns with a rap song and a strong message against racism. In the lyrics he proudly recognised his gypsy roots encouraging that all people are valuable, no matter their skin colour. The songs asks very directly the questions: “Why don’t you like my skin?”, “Why don’t you try to see beyond it?”.  Connect-R expresses hopes for the days when peace and love will rule people’s mentalities. 


Triāna Parks – “Es Gaidu Ziemu”

The Latvian band dives deep into their regional culture with their new track “Es Gaidu Ziemu”. The English title of the song is “I’m waiting for winter”. The music video presents a church ceremony, mirroring the divinity-tinged lyrics: “I wait for you like autumn waits for winter/ I put a piece of bread on the table/ With ashes, the father marks a cross in the church where he prays to God”. 


Alkonost of Balkan – “Rasti rasti”

Nina Kraljić is back with another traditional track. “Rasti rasti” is a call to meditation through the beauty, depth, mysticism and wisdom of Mother Nature, offering knowledge and healing through its simplicity and complexity. The red colours seen throughout the video are symbolic, representing growth. 


Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.


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