Charlie Freemen’s favorite Dodgers player isn’t a Dodger at all (Video)

Charlie Freeman, the son of Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman, told the world who his favorite player is. Guess what? He doesn’t play for the Dodgers.

Anybody who follows sports knows that it’s a business. Oftentimes, the business side of sports can be confusing, especially for younger viewers who just want to cheer for their favorite players.

This weekend, Dodger Stadium hosted its annual FanFest. It was the first time the event had been held since January 2020, and allows for the Los Angeles Dodgers fanbase to get up close and personal with the players they cheer for night in and night out throughout the season.

Charlie Freemen’s favorite Dodgers player isn’t a Dodger at all.

This year, Freddie Freeman was on hand at Dodgers FanFest and answering questions with the media group from Spectrum SportsNet LA. Alongside Freeman was his son Charlie.

Who could forget the embrace the younger Freeman had with Freddie’s former teammate Dansby Swanson when the Atlanta Braves made the visit to Dodger Stadium last spring?

This time, little Charlie stole the show again. When asked by the crew on set who his favorite player was besides his dad, Charlie said Trea Turner.

Of course, Turner signed a mega-deal with the Philadelphia Phillies earlier this offseason and will no longer be wearing Dodger blue in 2023. When asked again about who his favorite “Dodgers” player was, Charlie said that it was Mookie Betts.

Whether Charlie was unaware that Turner was no longer part of LA’s roster or was just being honest about his favorite baseball player, we may never know. But, you can bet your bottom dollar that when the Phillies visit the Dodgers in early-May, Charlie Freeman may just run across the diamond again and give Trea Turner a big hug.

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