Boxing Great Muhammad Ali’s Rare Moment With an MLB Legend Triggers Fans’ Absurd Imaginations

Muhammad Ali is probably the only name that is synonymous with boxing. Although Ali was a renowned boxer, his iconic personality brought him close to other sports as well. And baseball was one of the sports that Ali dearly loved. Dating back to 1975, Ali shared a rare moment with an MLB legend.

Mike Schmidt, one of the greatest third basemen in MLB history, was the center of everyone’s attention during his time. For those unversed, Schmidt played for the Philadelphia Phillies till 1989. He also cemented his place in Cooperstown in 1995. But 20 years before that – in 1975, Schmidt came together with Ali at an annual Philadelphia Sportswriter Association dinner. And a resurfaced photo from the same event has been doing rounds on the internet.

Muhammad Ali and Mike Schmidt’s rare photograph together 


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One doesn’t see two timeless legendary players together every day. While Schmidt is an MLB icon and Ali will always be a boxing phenom who is literally called “The Greatest”. It is a given that all eyes were on them that night. In the photograph of them that has resurfaced, the two seemed to be in a deep conversation.

According to, Schmidt had recalled that meeting. Here’s what he said, “I was sitting in the most envied seat in the house, next to Muhammad Ali.” Schmidt continued, “He was in the most important seat and I was in the number two spot. That was pretty neat.” It is apparent that Schmidt’s excitement was palpable in their meeting. He also said that Muhammad Ali was one of the top people he has ever met in his life. Why wouldn’t he be? 

When asked about what he recalls about their meeting, the Phillies legend replied, “The things I remembered about that were how big his hands were.”They engulfed my hands. And chatting about him, I don’t remember what we talked about. But he was very friendly. He knew me and he was enough of a sports fan to know who I was. Nothing like I knew him, though,” Schmidt recalled.

It’s always heartwarming to see fellow players respect and revere other players in this way. It just proves that everyone has an impact on everyone else. 

How are fans reacting to the photo?

The rare sight has attracted a hoard of fans with their flurry of replies. Although, surprisingly, most of the reactions are about Mike Schmidt’s hairdo. 


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Other than the reactions the photograph has incited, it is still a piece of sports history. The photograph is timeless and is also a testament to the impact the two have had in the world of sports. 

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