Sustainable cities can boost efforts to protect nature

By Ivanilson Ramos for Radio Benguela in Angola

World Cities Day is marked with urban centres that generate more than 80% of global GDP and account for more than 70% of carbon emissions. Professor Morais, from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of UAN (Agostinho Neto University) and Head Coordinator for the Kitabanga Project considers that policies that guarantee sustainable cities and greater rationalisation of the use of natural resources needs to be established in such a way that future generations can have benefits from it.

Listen to Ivanilson’s full report here (in Portuguese).

This article is reproduced here as part of the African Conservation Journalism Programme, funded in Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe by USAID’s VukaNow: Activity. Implemented by the international conservation organization Space for Giants, it aims to expand the reach of conservation and environmental journalism in Africa, and bring more African voices into the international conservation debate. Written articles from the Mozambican and Angolan cohorts are translated from Portuguese. Broadcast stories remain in the original language.

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