Letter: Corporate campaign donations skew politics in Saskatchewan

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Corporations are the backbone of the economy. But, when corporations fund political parties, do they also influence the decisions elected governments make? If so, are those decisions in the best interest of society, or of the corporations that fund their campaigns?

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Governments, by definition, are to exercise political authority over the actions, affairs, etc. of a political unit of people, and perform certain functions for this unit or body.

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If our government is concerned only about corporate donors, and neglects other groups in society, I believe they have lost touch with what it means to govern “for the people.”

In the 2020 election year, the Saskatchewan Party took in $2,003,453.05 from corporations (Elections Saskatchewan), 40 times the next highest corporate donation total for the NDP at $51,123.33.

So, the Saskatchewan Party has a lock on corporate donation money. Could that also mean corporations influence our electoral process?

If my party had $2 million to run campaigns, we would have sitting MLAs right now. However, the Saskatchewan Green Party holds fast to our policy that donations should not come from corporations, because corporations are not people.

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