The Galaxy S23 now has more room for all your music and photos

Samsung today revealed the Galaxy S23 at its Unpacked event, and you might be happy to know that it’s getting a bump in the base storage department. With last year’s phone, the Galaxy S22, the base storage option was 128GB. That’s honestly, more than enough storage for some people. But you would be surprised how quickly 128GB can fill up.

Especially if you use your phone as your main camera, main music player (for locally stored music), and the occasional mobile game. With the Galaxy S23, Samsung is bumping the base storage up to 256GB. Giving you twice the amount of room in the lowest spec model. Given that most phones these days no longer have storage expansion, more base storage is important. Presumably, this is going to be the implementation for future Galaxy S devices as well. As it doesn’t make sense for Samsung to backtrack on this change.

The Galaxy S23 doubles the storage for the same price, but only on the Plus & Ultra models

Why do we consider this such a big deal? Well, because Samsung is doubling the amount of base storage for the Galaxy S23 Plus and Ultra compared to the same models of the Galaxy S22 series. And it’s charging the same price for the phone. Assuming you don’t take advantage of any special deals, and you pay for the phone in full, you’re looking at a starting cost of $999. Which was the exact same launch price of the Galaxy S22 Plus with only 128GB of storage.

From a purely value standpoint, this is a good deal. And it becomes even better when you factor in pre-order deals. Not to mention trade-ins and other potential price discounts you might be eligible for. And if 256GB still doesn’t seem like enough, you can always bump up to the 512GB of storage on both the Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

And if you still need more storage, then the Galaxy S23 Ultra lets you jump all the way up to 1TB. Where most people will almost certainly never run out of room.

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