Polluted stream leads PD farmer to RM70k loss


A CATTLE farmer in Port Dickson lost 11 animals which died after drinking from a polluted stream, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Muniandy Murugesan, 40, said he believed the nine cows and two bulls drank from a stream which had been polluted by discharge from a factory nearby.

He claimed other affected farmers had complained many times to relevant authorities but no action was taken.

He said the incident had caused him roughly RM70,000 in losses.

The farmer contacted local PKR leader Kenny Chew who was shocked to see the dead cows and immediately called the Environment Department.

The affected farmers urged the department to act against the factory, said Muniandy.

> The daily also reported that a state minister in India was gunned down in broad daylight.

Odisha state health minister Naba Kishore Das was attending an event at his own constituency when the incident happened.

As the minister was getting out of his car, Asst Sub-Insp Gopal Das, who was on security detail at the event, shot him at close range.

He died the same evening from his injuries.

Gopal Das’ wife said her husband was undergoing treatment for psychological issues.

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