EPA would be able to spend $1.8b in flaring fees

As day one of the consideration of the 2023 budget estimates began, the Opposition yesterday questioned what it believed to be a paltry sum allocated to the EPA, but the government responded that the agency raked in some $1.8b for 2022 in flaring fees and will add this to its spending for this year.

Under Budget Agency, Office of the President and line item 015, Opposition Member of Parliament, Khemraj Ramjattan, highlighted to the Committee of Supply that only $667m was allocated to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is charged with oversight in an oil producing state.

“In the need of the strengthening at that institution, wasn’t there need for some extra monies to come out of the EPA?” he questioned as he reasoned that no expense should be spared in equipping it, given that it is the watchdog agency for sectors which rake in billions of revenue, such as oil and gas and mining.

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