Below Deck Down Under: ‘Struggling’ Kiwi who became star of show lifts lid on life as a ‘yachtie’ and her worst customer

A Below Deck fan favourite has dished on what life is really like on board on the show.

Aesha Scott made her debut appearance as chief stew in Below Deck Down Under after successfully completing two seasons as stewardess in Below Deck Mediterranean (MED).

Now, the 30-year-old has spilled on the biggest and most dramatic moments at sea over almost eight year career.

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The adventurous Kiwi had just graduated a double science degree at university when her sister came up with the idea to work as a “yachtie”.

“I moved back to my home town and was really struggling to find work,” she tells 7life.

“I was managing this retail store which I wasn’t enjoying and my sister was working at a pharmacy that she wasn’t enjoying.

“She just called me one day and said ‘have you heard about this yachtie thing?’”

Aesha Scott’s sister first came up with the idea to become a yachtie. Credit: Instagram/@aesha_jean

Aesha loved the idea so much that both her and her sister quit their jobs that very day and four weeks later they were on their way to France.

“We did the course that you have to do and two weeks later our parents were dropping us off at the airport,” she explains.

The sisters flew to France where they walked the docks for two weeks until they scored their first job.

“It all happened very quickly which is exactly what I like, I like being very impulsive,” she says.

Yachtie’s life

Aesha’s time aboard the luxury yachts has been fruitful, showing her how the top one per cent experience their holidays, something that she’s able to get in on when guests disembark.

“You just experience a level of luxury that Kiwis would never experience,” she explains

“On drop off day, on large yachts that I’ve been on, you get the guests off, tidy the boat and we would be drinking their leftover $300 bottles of champagne in the spa on the sundeck.

“Like where else would a little Kiwi would be sitting on the sun deck of a super yacht drinking champagne looking out at France.”

The adventurous Kiwi has travelled around the world on board. Credit: Instagram/@aesha_jean

But it’s not all fun times with great views – as Aesha explains a work life balance is simply impossible due to the “gruelling” hours.

“During the seasons, you’re working minimum 16-hour days until the season’s over, and sometimes you’re booked up for two and a half months,” she explains.

“While you’re on the boat, it really is just work all the time.”

And despite travelling all over the world, Aesha says you’ll hardly be able to stop and take it in.

“I realised I had been to all of these gorgeous ports all around the world but I hadn’t really seen them,” she says. “Because I was always working and never ventured further and enjoyed the country.

The Below Deck star is grateful to not only be part of the hit show, but uses it to explain the highs and lows of working aboard a multi-million dollar luxury yacht to people back home.

“I loved the show, because some people back home, I’ll try to explain to them what yachting’s like and no one really understood,” she says.

“So, the show is a really nice way for people to see how hard it is.”

Worst customer experience

Having been a yachtie for so long, Aesha says nothing really fazes her but during her time on Below Deck she’s come face to face with some of the worst customers.

“We had a guest on one of my below deck seasons, and they just got so drunk they just started fighting with one of the girls,” she recalls.

“He was just fighting and yelling, going around the boat screaming out the same thing over and over.

“I ended up going up to him and was like listen we’ve heard you, you’ve said the same thing about five times, can you please just go downstairs and have some time out.

“It just does your head in, you can’t just focus on your job and have some peace when someone tantrums for hours on end .”

Aesha says she’s dealt with customers who don’t “look her in the eye”. Credit: Instagram/@aesha_jean

And it’s not an isolated experience.

“When you’ve got people coming on and on holiday with this unlimited and these beautiful places, you’re always dealing with people who are wasted,” she explains.

“Some people let it get to them but for me as long as I’m here doing my best job I really don’t care how anyone else is behaving.”

Below Deck Mediterranean fight leaves viewers stunned

Below Deck Mediterranean fight leaves viewers stunned

But despite the cash-up guests’ demands, Aesha says they’re not the worst part of the show.

Most difficult aspect

At the end of each charter – when guests leave after their luxurious time onboard – the crew are made to go out for a night on the town, something that is usually not allowed during a regular yachting season.

The extrovert prefers to go to sleep than go out after a charter. Credit: Instagram/@aesha_jean

And Aesha says it’s this aspect of the show that is “the worst”

“On the show, because they obviously want interesting things to happen, we do go out after each charter,” she explains.

“And I find that so hard because I’m usually so exhausted usually all I want to do is go to bed.

“I’m such an outgoing person but it’s so exhausting that I would rather just go to bed and read my book and recharge.”

During the boozy nights out, however, romances can often bloom.

Is the romance real?

Aesha, who experienced her own whirlwind romance with Below Deck Med deckhand Jack Stirrup, dished on what it’s really like when the cameras aren’t around – saying it’s just the same as the show.

“Everyone’s f****** everyone,” she says.

“In general 99 per cent of people in yachting is single – they’re exhausted they’re overworked and usually you’re in this bubble.”

Aesha with her current adventurer boyfriend Scott Dobson. Credit: Instagram/@aesha_jean

And as everyone continues to work with the same people in the same tight spaces drama can emerge.

“People get horny, there’s all these love triangles and drama,” she says.

“I said long before Below Deck that it ought to be a show because things get really catty.”

Below Deck Down Under season two

Aesha is reprising her position as chief stew for the second season of Below Deck Down Under.

The first season is already available to view on 7plus and 7Bravo.

“Season two, I think it’s going to be one of the best seasons of Below Deck ever,” she says.

“So many unpredictable ups and downs and twists and turns, it’s going to be one for the books.

“Definitely hang out for the one – I want to squeal when I think about how good it is.”

Aesha’s looking forward to showing the world season two. Credit: Instagram/@aesha_jean

And her confidence as a chief stew has grown.

“(Season one) was my first time doing a whole season as chief stew,” she says.

“I was so stressed the whole time – while also being good with the guests and making sure that I’m still being my funny self for TV.

“Coming into the next season, I feel like because I already have a season under my belt, I grew and I learned so much I just feel much comfortable going into the second season.”

She’s excited to get back on board with Captain Jason. Credit: Instagram/@aesha_jean

She’ll be joined by Aussie Captain Jason who made his debut appearance for season one of Below Deck Down Under.

“I’m very close to Jason, we message all the time, he always sends me photos of his daughter or he’s talking about plans and keeping up with each other,” she says.

“I just feel so grateful that I have that relationship with him because how much would it suck if you hated the captain you had to work with every year.

“It’s almost like this brother, sister relationship that we have and he really respects my position as chief stew so he doesn’t micromanage.

“He just wants to help me all the time but he never questions my decisions.”

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Watch: Below deck secrets revealed by cruise ship worker

Watch: Below deck secrets revealed by cruise ship worker

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