Tina Datta being in an abusive relationship and having a fight with Rashmi Desai over the years

Tina Datta, who became well-known for her television programme Uttaran, is reportedly planning to move into the Bigg Boss house this season. In the television industry, Tina Datta is well known for her roles in a variety of shows, including Dayan and Koi Aane Ko Hai. After having previously filmed in Film City for her opening act for the season, Tina Datta is reportedly sequestered in a hotel for the following few days before she finally enters the Bigg Boss house on October 1.

We are definitely intrigued by Tina Datta’s involvement in the reality show this season. Meanwhile, we figured you were all interested in finding out more about Tina Datta’s eventful life. View the full history of Tina Datta’s involvement in the Bigg Boss 16 controversy.

1. Many people are unaware that Tina Datta dated a man who wasn’t in the entertainment business for five long years. They had been introduced through mutual friends. They split up, though, because he was verbally and physically violent. Tina Dutta initially remained silent about her relationship because she didn’t want it to be made public, but when things became tense; she made the decision to speak forward.

2. Tina Datta and Rashami Desai rose to fame thanks to their television show Uttaran. Tina played Ichcha, a contestant who was selected as a wild card, and Rashami Desai played Tapasya. In the past, Tina Dutta and Rashami Desai were close friends, but over time, they grew to dislike one another and made every effort to avoid one another.

That was denied by Tina, who said, “To be honest, Rashami and I never had a fight. We may have experienced our own emotional ups and downs, problems with ourselves, and problems with our families. People made up tales and exaggerated minor issues as publicity gimmicks. Rashami and I have always been there for one another. I’ve been in touch with her. We are close friends and actually live close by.

3. Tina Datta accused her Dayan co-star Mohit Malhotra of touching her inappropriately while they were filming some intimate scenes. Tina Datta later announced that she and Mohit Malhotra had found a solution to their issues. She remarked: “Mohit and I have resolved our problems. We’ve made the decision to start over. I have no issues helping him out. Our chemistry on-screen enhances the show and fosters a professional environment for the betterment of the project.”

Fans are very eager to see Dutta on the show, despite the fact that she is the subject of a number of controversies. On October 1st, Bigg Boss 16 will air.

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