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Pres. Office: Yoon's Controversial Remarks Not About Biden, US Congress

Photo : YONHAP News

The presidential office said on Thursday that vulgar remarks by President Yoon Suk Yeol were directed at the opposition party in South Korea and not at U.S. politicians.

In a press briefing in New York, senior presidential secretary for public relations Kim Eun-hye dismissed speculation that Yoon’s comments about losing face after a legislative loss were not about President Biden or the U.S. Congress.

Caught on camera remarking to foreign minister Park Jin and aides that it would be embarrassing for the president if a bill is not passed, Kim explained that Yoon was speaking in reference to his pledge of 100 million dollars to the Global Fund made during a speech at the organization’s fundraising event that night.

The public relations official said Yoon’s comments were about losing face to Biden if the opposition party in the South Korean National Assembly does not approve of the funding, and said that Yoon confirmed the remarks.

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