Magic City to the White House? Francis Suarez Presidential Rumors Swirl – NBC 6 South Florida

Could Miami Mayor Francis Suarez have his eyes set on the White House? Recent media reports seem to think so.

The headline on political website Axios Wednesday was an attention grabber, especially for Miamians: “Scoop: Miami Mayor eyes White House.”

According to the article, Suarez recently signed a disclosure form indicating his intention raise money for a political group called Agenda for America.

Agenda for America’s website states the group’s goals include “…to expand our national agenda of empowering and funding police officers, keeping taxes and regulation low, and leveraging technology to empower individuals and address many of our greatest challenges.”

The site is organized by Suarez’s political consultants, with his picture featured prominently on their digital platforms.

According to the Axios article, the group is running digital ads for Suarez in early primary election states, like New Hampshire and Iowa.

“What Suarez is doing is really good for Miami,” said Barry University Political Science Professor Sean Foreman. “He has raised the profile, he has raised interest in investments, he has kept us on the map.”

Conservative columnist George Will recently penned an article touting the mayor as an option for voters looking for a more traditional brand of Republicanism, especially compared to former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Foreman said Suarez faces a heavy lift, especially in his home state.

“In Florida there is a waiting list – Trump, DeSantis, Senators Scott and Rubio – before we get to Suarez on the Republican Party bench in Florida,” he said.

Suarez has elevated his profile in recent years. He’s currently serving as the President of the US Conference of Mayors. He touts the city’s low crime rate and his recent historic property tax rate cut.

Foreman’s advice for Miami’s mayor: smaller steps.

“People thought that maybe Francis Suarez would be better suited to run for county mayor at some point, maybe he’d run for congress or for governor as the next step, and then think about president,” Foreman said.

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